One individual killed, another four injured in different incidents

Two Iraqi army soldiers were injured by the explosion of a planted bomb in the Hawija sub-district, while one individual was killed and another two were injured in a traffic accident near Qarahanjir. On the morning of the Thursday, November 29 near the Najatia village of the Hawija sub-district, two planted bombs exploded by a […]

KIU: We reject Tigris operation

The secretary general of the Kurdistan Islamic Union visited Kirkuk  and described the Tigris operation as sources of tension and conflicts and nothing more. On Wednesday, November 28, the secretary general of the KIU Muhammad Faraj arrived in Kirkuk and met with Najmadin Karim, the governor of Kirkuk. At the press conference held after the […]

Bomb defusing in photos

The Bomb Disposal Unit of the General Directorate of the Kirkuk Police disposed of an implanted bomb near the Technical Institute of Kirkuk on Sunday, November 25.   Photo: Karwan Salhi

Kurds to participate in Kirkuk election as single bloc

Seven Kurdish political parties and movements gathered in Erbil on Tuesday, November 27 to discuss the formation of a single Kurdish bloc to participate in the Kirkuk elections.  The meeting was held in the Chwarchra hotel, with participation of representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Change Movement, Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kurdistan […]

Sexual assaults in Kirkuk are passed over silently

The women subjected to sexual harassment and assaults claim that they cannot give a reaction to the situations due to social manners and they do not file complaints for they do not want the issues to go much further. Women of Kirkuk face sexual harassment on the streets and public places, and are humiliated in […]

Violence against women in Iraq

  Fawzia al-Attia

November 27 explosions in photos

On Tuesday, November 27, a series of explosions targeted civilians in Shorija and Hisabat neighborhoods of Kirkuk city. According to police reports, four persons were killed and dozens were injured.  Photo: Karwan Salhi  

Four killed and dozens injured in series of explosions

Four individuals were killed and dozens were injured by two car bombings in Kirkuk city, local police have reported. On Tuesday, November 27, a car bomb exploded in front of the building of the Kurdistan Youth Organization in the Hisabat neighborhood, killing one of the guards of the building and a nine-year-old child, according to […]

Kirkuk Governor: Tigris operation has created tensions and nervousness

The Kirkuk governor has described the formation of the Tigris operation as being urgent and an emergency case and it is violation of the constitution, as the force has also created nervousness among the people of the province, he stated during his visit to the Kurdistan Parliament. Najmadin Karim was invited to the Kurdistan Parliament […]

Baghdad and Erbil agree on military withdrawal from Kirkuk

On the morning of Monday November 26, a meeting was held for the delegates of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Peshmarga for discussions on the recent military movements in Kirkuk province. The delegates of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense included Faruq al-Araji, in charge of the office of […]

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