Doctors leave Kirkuk and have not yet returned

“There is no professional specialist physician in Kirkuk.”  These are the words of Sumaya Adil, a 51-year-old suffering from kidney stones, and who is in need of surgery but prefers instead to go to Erbil for her operation. Sumaya said “We, the people of Kirkuk, have the problem of a low number of consultant physicians […]

Students forced to wear veils

“If we don’t wear veils, we will be expelled from our school.”  These are words of high school female students who are being forced by the principal of the school to wear veils during school time as the principal has decided for the girls to wear veils which has led to the students heading to […]

Reaching euphoria is not easy

“I was drinking in the garden of the Engineers’ Club, and people were throwing stones at us from the neighboring houses yelling, go and drink at your own home.”  These are words of a young man who is now searching for a safe place outside of Kirkuk to drink after he was harassed several times […]

Government busy with dogs’ massacre

The attempts for killing unrestrained dogs in Kirkuk are being further concentrated and millions are spent to do so, while veterinarian experts are slamming the brutal act against the animals and are doubtful about the numbers which officials are suggesting. A huge number of unrestrained dogs are wandering the streets and alleys of Kirkuk and […]

Arab and Turkmen points of views regarding Barzani’s visit to Kirkuk

The president of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, who was accompanied by the Minister of Peshmarga arrived in Kirkuk on Monday, December 10 and visited the Peshmarga forces in Dubis, Lailan, and Qarahanjir. According to a source from the delegates accompanying Barzani, who preferred to remain anonymous in a conversation with Xendan Press, Masoud Barzani […]

Barzani arrives in Kirkuk

Masoud Barzani, the president of Kurdistan region arrived in Kirkuk and met with the Peshmarga forces in the province, as the tensions between the Iraqi government and the KRG are increasing due to the disputed territories. A source from the third branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party which is led by Masoud Barzani told Kirkuk […]

Voter registration centers for elections are now open

The Independent High Electoral Commission opened voters’ registration centers for corrections and solutions for any mistakes or problems facing people, while the fate of the provincial election in Kirkuk remains unclear. Sirwan Ahmad, a member of the IHEC told Kirkuk Now “The registration centers have now been open since Sunday December 9 so that the […]

Al-Iraqia: Issues in Iraq are due to being uncommitted for agreements

The al-Iraqia coalition list has stated that the current issues in Iraq are due to the Iraqi constitution having been written in a short period of time, and describes it as being uncommitted for the agreements as the reason for the issues. Mazin Abdul-Jabar abu-Galal, a leader on the al-Iraqia list told Kirkuk Now “The […]

Fire breaks out in secondary school in Qarahanjir sub-district

In a suspicious incident, fire broke out in an elementary school in the Qarahanjir sub-district, and a teacher of the school has stated that they will take legal action to reveal those behind the act. Fakhradin Qaraman, the director of the Bawar elementary school told Kirkuk Now that due to lack of custodians, on the […]

Fuel costs rise

Fuel costs, specifically gasoline, have increased in the past few days in Kirkuk. Muhammad Marwan, a taxi driver told Kirkuk Now “I haven’t done any work due to crowdedness of the petrol stations and increase in the fuel costs; we don’t know how long this crisis will continue in the city which is known for […]

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