Cleric killed, another two injured

The Kirkuk police department has reported that a cleric has been killed and another two were injured, both of whom are students of the Islamic Science Institute in Sulaymaniah.  In the late evening of the Tuesday, January 29, a number of gunmen opened fire on the clerics’ car near the Chiman village of the Qarahanjir […]

Ethnic conflict major barrier to change

In an interview with (KirkukNow), Christiane Seehausen, a dialogue facilitator from Norway says the United Nations, in many places where ethnic dispute exists, often works only from top down. They work with the top and never reach the people on the grass roots.  Meanwhile, she says “if you have schools that are divided according to […]

“It is possible for Kirkuk to be like Switzerland”

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmed Dawood Oglo has stated that Kirkuk needs to be a free sovereign state, saying “Kirkuk is a depiction of the whole of Iraq.” When asked during an interview with Al-Sumaria which was broadcasted on Monday, January 28, whether Turkey is attempting to cause the segregation of Iraq and making Kirkuk […]

In photos, heavy rain and floods in Kirkuk

Heavy rain hit Kirkuk on January 29, leading to floods in some of the neighborhoods of the city   . Photos: Karwan Salhi 

Sewage mixes with drinking water

The director of the Kirkuk Water Department has stated that they have shut down the Panja Ali water project as sewage has been mixed with the drinking water. Abdulqadir Amin, the director of the department told Kirkuk Now “Sewage water leaked into the drinking water pipelines and therefore the water distribution has been temporarily halted […]

Examinations postponed as heavy rains hit Kirkuk

The Kirkuk educational directorate has decided to postpone the mid-year examinations in a number of the schools of the city as heavy rains hit the city. Sherzad Rashid Kaka, director of Kurdish education in the directorate told Kirkuk Now “We have decided to postpone the mid-year examinations in the schools of Dubis and Sargaran districts, […]

Reeve murdered, another injured

Reeves were the target of violence, leaving one dead and another injured after two sticky-bomb attacks in different neighborhoods of Kirkuk.  Brigadier General Sarhad Qadir, chief of the Kirkuk police of the districts and sub-districts told Kirkuk Now “On the evening of Monday, January 28, the reeve of the Asra neighborhood named Ahmad Taqe was […]

Hawija municipality demands increase in their allocated budget

The municipality of the Hawija district is demanding that the District Council increase their budget so as they will be able to expand their services. The head of the Hawija municipality, Ahmad Shahab told Kirkuk Now “The District Council has allocated four billion ID for the municipality to carry out their projects.” “The allocated sum […]

Flood prevention project to be built

As a solution for the repetitive floods in the city, a project for water evacuation and filtration is to be built. The director of the Kirkuk Irrigation Department, Nasih Fatih told Kirkuk Now “As a step for reducing the hazards of the repetitive floods in the city during the rainy seasons, a project for the […]

“No risk of floods in Kirkuk”

The deputy of the Kirkuk Weather Forecast Office has announced that the weather of Kirkuk will be rainy but that there is no risk of floods. Safana Abdulkarim, the deputy of the office told Kirkuk Now “Due to showers and rain waves from the Mediterranean sea, which has covered all the provinces of Iraq, there […]

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