Employee’s salaries robbed

The Kirkuk security forces have arrested an individual for stealing 28 million Iraqi dinars at the Rashidawa health centre. On Tuesday, February 27, three robbers attacked the accountants of the Rashidawa health centre and took 28 million ID which was for the employee’s salaries of the centre. The Kirkuk security forces announced the arrest of […]

Wafai won Coca Cola Cup for Kurdish schools

The Wafai elementary school football team claimed the title of the Coca Cola Cup for the Kurdish schools after beating the Nishtimani elementary school in the final match. The Wafai team was able to control the match and won the match 7-1, and has now qualified for the final rounds of the championship among the […]

KPC demands explanation from Kirkuk Court

The human rights committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council is demanding an explanation from the Kirkuk court regarding the concealing of the annual statistics. The committee visited the Kirkuk court on Tuesday, February 26, and met with the head of the court. Jwan Hassan, the head of the human rights committee of the KPC told […]

Course for principles of journalism

The Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan held a training course on the principles of electronic media for the staff members of the Rozh establishment. Sardasht Aziz, trainer of the course told Kirkuk Now, “The IMCK opened a training course for the staff members of the Rozh establishment on February 26 and the course will last […]

Ultimatum given to Kirkuk police

An insurgent group has sent what they refer to as final warnings to the Kirkuk police through a light missile warhead bearing written threats not to obey the government’s orders, while a security source is calling for taking the threats into consideration. On Tuesday, February 26, a futile light missile hit the headquarters of the […]

50 billion ID allocated for disputed territories missing

The Kirkuk administration does not know the fate of the 50 billion Iraqi Dinars which was allocated for the disputed territories by the Kurdistan regional parliament, while the opposition claims they have investigated the sum and discovered that it is “Missing.” The Kurdistan Parliament allocated 50 billion ID for the disputed territories from the 2012 […]

Industrial zone struggles with waste materials

Areas of the Kirkuk industrial zones are struggling with the loads of trash and waste materials which are not being removed for long periods of time. Falah Hassan, a car technician who works in the area told Kirkuk Now, “The municipality workers claim that they do not have the proper tools and vehicles for collecting […]

Kirkuk governor criticizes Iraqi Ministry of Finance

“We have spent 100% of the province’s budget,” said the governor of Kirkuk as he criticized the Iraqi Ministry of Finance for accounting Kirkuk with the third place on the list of province budget spending. According to reports of the Ministry of Finance, Kirkuk came third in the list of the provinces for sending their […]

Quest for former fighters

Dutch photographer Eddy Van Wessel captured the following photos back in April 2003, he wants to meet the persons appeared in the photos, anyone having information or contacts of any of the individuals can contact through mustafa.journalist1@gmail.com or call 07703475454.  

Three individuals arrested for murder of four family members

The Kirkuk security forces announced the arrest of three persons for the murders of four members of a family, all of whom were left slaughtered in their own home last summer. The security forces stated, “We were able to arrest three of the perpetrators who brutally slaughtered four members of a Turkmen family on August […]

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