Peace among students of Kirkuk

The students of the Kurdish and Turkish language departments of the Kirkuk University held an exhibition as the sign of peace among the different ethnicities of Kirkuk as the Turkmen and Kurdish students of the faculty of engineering of the university clashed on Tuesday, March 26 due to replacing the head of the Civil engineering […]

Activities on World Theatre Day

The Kirkuk Cultural Directorate is organizing various activities at a festival which is set to take place on World Theatre Day. Six teams are to participate in the festival which is being organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Kurdistan Regional Government on March 27, the designated World Theatre Day since 1961. Muhammad Saeed, […]

Replacing head of department leads to clashes at Kirkuk University

Kurdish and Turkmen students have engaged in clashes at the Engineering faculty of Kirkuk University due to the replacing of the head of a department of the faculty. The students clashed after disputes and tensions formed as the president of the university replaced the head of the civil engineering department of the faculty who is […]

Not carrying out elections affects Kirkuk badly

A number of Kirkuk Provincial Council members are debating that not carrying out the provincial elections will affect Kirkuk badly. Ibrahim Khalil, a Kurdish member of the council told Kirkuk Now “Not conducting the elections will affect all the people of Kirkuk badly without any difference.” “This will deprive the people of Kirkuk from practicing […]

Security members injured

Three members of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan’s security forces were injured as a planted bomb exploded by their convoy of vehicles on Tuesday, March 26. Colonel Salar Kamarkhan, deputy of the security forces told Kirkuk Now “This morning, a planted bomb exploded by our convoy of vehicles while on our way to duty, leaving […]

In photos, women participating in Hawija protests

More than 30 women participated in the protests held in the Hawija district, demanding the detainees be released from the prisons of the central and Kurdistan regional governments and the withdrawal of Article 4 of the terror law. Photos: Yassin al-Sabawi

13 persons killed during Newroz

During the three days of Newroz, 13 deaths in different accidents have been recorded, while 245 infants were born, according to Kirkuk Health Office statistics. The director of the  Kirkuk Health Office, Sdiq Omer held a press conference that revealed during the three days of Newroz, from March 20-22, 5,345 persons visited the consultancy department […]

250,000 acres of farm land in danger

If the level of rainfall does not increase by 15-20 millimitres this year, more than 250,000 acres of crops will yield no products, according to the director of the Kirkuk Agricultural Office. Mahdi Mubarak Kakaiy, the director of the office told Kirkuk Now “Due to the low level of rainfall in the spring in Kirkuk, […]

Pana to no longer participate in domestic violence campaign

The Pana Centre for Women Rights in Kirkuk has decided to no longer participate in the No to Domestic Violence campaign in the city due to conflicts among the participating organizations of the campaign. The No to Domestic Violence campaign was founded back in 2010 from 23 different women’s rights organizations, with the main aim […]

Kirkuk budget decreased by 68 billion

The allocated budget of Kirkuk province for 2013 is estimated to be 530 billion Iraqi Dinars, which has decreased by 68 billion compared to 2012, and with the decrease sparking reactions. Dllshad Pirot, the head of the projects committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council told the Iraqi News Network that the total budget allocated for […]

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