Minister of State demands withdrawal of all military forces to their previous locations

The Iraqi Minister for Provincial Affairs, Turhan Abdullah Mufti has demanded that all the military forces settled in Kirkuk and Tuz Khormato should retreat to their previous locations. The minister published an official paper demanding that “All the military forces and units to withdraw to their previous locations in order not to be involved in […]

Members of security forces injured

Two members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s security forces have been injured as a planted bomb was detonated near their vehicle. The bomb blast happened today, Tuesday, April 30, in the centre of Kirkuk city and a source from the security forces, who preferred to remain anonymous told Kirkuk Now “The two members were […]

Turkmen Front calls for international peacekeeping forces

The Turkmen Front has called for international peacekeeping forces to settle in the disputed territories while also demanding the withdrawal of the Peshmarga forces from the area. Arshad Salhi, the leader of the Turkmen Front said in a press conference held on Monday, April 29 “We had warned the political parties for using the demonstrations […]

“International investigative committee should be formed for Hawija violence.”

The supervisors of the demonstration have called for the formation of a committee from both inside and outside of Iraq to investigate the Hawija violence while praising the role of the Peshmarga forces in the area. The supervisors of the demonstrations held a press conference on Monday, April 29 to discuss the latest security situations […]

Parliament session held on Hawija violence turns into consultancy session

The Iraqi Parliament’s session held specifically for investigating and discussing the Hawija violence was made into an ordinary consultancy session as the attendance was not up to the valid number, according to Muhammad Khalidi, the reporter of the Iraqi council of Representatives. Khalidi told Sumarya News “The speaker of the council decided to change the […]

People with hearing impairment struggle with lack of support in Kirkuk

The deaf of Kirkuk claim they are being asided while calling for support by the government. The While Hand Organization for the wellbeing of the deaf have held a conference for discussing the issues and difficulties facing them and the fact that they claim to be ignored by the government, with their numbers now reaching […]

“2,000 people disabled due to violence in Kirkuk”

2,000 individuals have been left disabled in Kirkuk since 2003 due the injuries they received in violent attacks, according to the Terror Victims Association. The head of the Kirkuk Society of the Disabled, Mahmud Hassan told Kirkuk Now “The number of people with special needs is increasing day by day due to the violence in […]

Is al-Maliki ready for national test?

“We are surrounding Kirkuk”

The Peshmarga forces are being posted around Kirkuk city and their movements are being permitted by the governor, according to a commander of the Peshmarga forces. Major General Sherko Fatih told Kirkuk Now “Upon the decision of the Ministry of Peshmarga, we have decided to surround Kirkuk city as a protective measure for the people […]

Governor warns about reoccurrence of the Hawija violence

“Leaving the issues unsolved will lead to a reoccurrence of the Hawija violence,” Governor Najmadin Karim stated during his meeting with delegations of the Iraqi Parliament. The governor’s office made the announcement following the governor’s meeting with the delegations on Friday, April 26. “There are numerous political strives and conflicts in Iraq and leaving them […]

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