Flocks of children with no future

Karwan Salhi Childhood is the stage of the major changes in the life of humans, it is the blueprint of the future of an individual, and that is why the experts insist on the development and meticulous care of children, especially after the six years of age. Having these facts in hand, what do the […]

Details of Kirkuk security trench revealed

The head of the security committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council has revealed the details of the security trench around Kirkuk city and insists that the project is under construction despite facing numerous obstacles. Ahmad Askari, the head of the committee told Kirkuk Now “The project of the trench is under construction despite the fact […]

Health department isolates smokers

The Kirkuk Health Department has recently issued regulations to prevent cigarette and shishe smoking by obliging the cafeterias and teashops to isolate the smokers and non-smokers, while warning they would be suing anyone not applying the regulations. Mawlud Arf, an owner of a teashop told Kirkuk Now “Teashops mean smoking, and people come here to […]

Sako calls for peace

Luis Sako, the Chaldean patriarch of Babylon has called for peace and serenity from all the political parties of Iraq before it is too late. Luis Sako told Kirkuk Now “The religious scholars have previously called for peace among the parties on several occasions, and now I repeat our patriotism and call for peace and […]

Wave of violence against traffic police

40 violent cases against the traffic police have been recorded, while the majority of the perpetrators are the security officials, according to the traffic police department. According to the statistics, in the past five months of this year, 40 different violent acts have been done against the traffic police in Kirkuk. Brigadier General Omer Jafer, […]

Kirkuk being an independent state, salvages Kurdish political rationality

Kamyar Sabir The Kurdish politicians and the political parties of Iraqi Kurdistan are always insisting that the Kurds sacrificed a lot for Kirkuk and they are not ready to compromise in anything regarding Kirkuk, while in reality anyone believing that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party, especially the latter, have Kirkuk at […]

Working on brink of death

Hussein Hamid, who is 41-years-old, left Diala a decade ago, residing in Daquq and working in coal production ever since. Hussein said “This occupation is full of hazards, and it causes a lot of respiratory problems by the gases produced as the result of burning the trees and woods during the coal production.” Hussein is […]

Daquq budget decreased by five billion Dinars

The budget allocated to the Daquq district for this year has been decreased by five billion Iraqi Dinars compared to last year while the head of the district council has discussed their inability to complete 40% of the projects due to budget shortages. The head of the district council, Amir Khwakaram told Kirkuk Now “The […]

In photos, wheat sale at Kirkuk silo

Photos: Karwan Salhi 

Kirkuk Provincial Council demands explanation from governor

The Kirkuk Provincial Council is demanding that the governor give an explanation about the fate of the 100 billion Iraqi Dinars which has been budgeted for three projects in the province following a decision of the governor. The three projects include the Southern Kirkuk water project, surveillance cameras throughout the city and the new building […]

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