Political prisoners of Kirkuk to be given 30 million dinars

A new stage of indemnification of the political prisoners in Kirkuk has started and 66 prisoners are included. The indemnification process started on Thursday, July 30 in the governor’s office headed by Governor Najmadin Karim. Nuradin Wali, the head of the second branch of the Political Prisoners Establishment told PUK Media “As part of the […]

Second phase of Kirkuk security trench starts

The security committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council has announced the start of the second phase of the security trench around the city of Kirkuk, which includes the construction of security towers and the installation of surveillance cameras along the trench. The decision was made on Thursday, July 30 during the meeting of the security […]

Kirkuk defeated again

Kirkuk FC has been faced with another home defeat against Shurta in the Iraqi Premier League. Kirkuk hosted Shurta on Monday, July 29 in the Iraqi Premier League and was defeated again. The first half of the game passed without any prominent threats until the additional time when the visitors took the lead through a […]

Blasts kill police member

Two sticky bombs detonated near two cars leaving a police member killed and another two injured. The bombs were detonated today, Tuesday, July 30 near the Kirkuk-Sulaymaniah checkpoint. “The first bomb exploded by a Hyundai Elantra leaving a police member severely injured, as he lost his leg in the blast,” a source from the checkpoint […]

Deadly blasts across Iraq leave dozens killed

A series of car bombs and explosions in Baghdad and other provinces of Iraq have killed at least 48 persons. Iraqi security officials stated that at least 48 persons were killed and another 127 injured in the blasts which targeted mainly the Shia residential areas across the country. According to the AFP, 11 car bombs […]

Language and painting summer school ends

The English language and painting summer school opened by Kteb College in Prde has ended successfully. An art exhibition was held on the last day of the summer school for the participants of the courses with numerous officials in attendance, according to an announcement by the college. The summer school lasted for 45 days and […]

Half of marriages end in divorce

In the first six months of 2013, the Kirkuk court granted 1,725 divorces while recording 2,995 marriages making the numbers of the divorces more than half that of the marriages. The numbers of the divorces increased dramatically, according to a source for Kirkuk court, and he described the situation as “terrifying.” Amjad Muhammad, a lawyer […]

Kirkuk oil export to Turkey stops again

Due to a bomb blast, the export of Kirkuk oil to the Turkish Cihan port has ceased once again. According to the officials of the North Oil Company, a bomb blast caused a stop in the oil exports to Turkey. The officials told Reuters that the bomb was detonated last night, July 27, near Mosul […]

Lighters, batteries and pencils removed from patient’s stomach

In a very unique and bizarre surgical intervention, more than 50 pencils, batteries and lighters were removed from the stomach of a patient at Azadi hospital in Kirkuk. The director of the hospital, Gaylan Qadir told Kirkuk Now “The patient was rushed to hospital as his health deteriorated and after a series of investigations, we […]

Training course for archery referees

The Kurdistan Archery Union has opened a training course for the referees of archery in Kirkuk. The training course started on Saturday, July 27 in the Kirkuk Sports Club hall with the participation of referees from Kirkuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniah and the sessions were given by international archery referee Azad Safwat. Sherko Faris, head of […]

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