Demands to cut parliamentary retirement allowances

The NGOs of Kirkuk rallied in the streets today, August 31, demanding that the government cut the parliament members retirement allowance. The rally, in which the organizations representing various components of Kirkuk particpated, was held in front of the governor’s office and demanded cutting the retirement allowance of the parliament members, ministers, deputy ministers and […]

Turkmen Ili threatens to boycott elections

The Turkmen Ili have threatened to boycott the Kirkuk provincial elections after the cancellation of Article 23 of the special elections in Kirkuk by the Iraqi Federal Court. The party’s political bureau published an announcement stating that Article 23 of the special elections in Kirkuk issued in 2008 was an alternative for Article 24 and […]

Arabs also are demanding armed force

Similar to the Turkmen, the Arabs of Kirkuk are demanding the formation of an armed force for their protection following the approval of the Iraqi government on the formation of a Turkmen armed force. The demand of the Turkmen came following repetitive attacks on the Turkmen residential territories, despite the fact that the Arabs, similar […]

“Cancellation of Article 23 is selling Kirkuk”

The secretary general of the Justice and Reform Movement, Sheikh Abdullah Hamid Ajil al-Yawar has refused the decision of the cancelation of Article 23 of the special elections in Kirkuk and he describes the decision as a business transaction for selling Kirkuk and warned of the social and security outcomes of the decision. Al-Yawar stated […]

“Kirkuk situation worsens”

The Arabs and Turkmen of the Kirkuk Provincial Council have stressed that the situation in Kirkuk is getting complicated due to the cancelation of Article 23 of the special election law in Kirkuk. The Iraqi Federal Court passed the decision on the cancelation of Article 23 of the special election in Kirkuk on August 26. […]

Kurdistan Parliament election campaign starts

The political parties of the Iraqi Kurdistan region started their election campaigns after the midnight on August 28 by hanging ballots, posters and the flags of their respective parties in the public places. 1,129 candidates from 30 different political parties will compete for the 111 seats of the Kurdistan parliament for which the election is […]

Women Futsal League kicks off

The Kirkuk women futsal league started as an attempt to persuade women in Kirkuk to be more engaged in sports. The futsal league kicked off on Tuesday, August 27 with the participation of four clubs which included Fatat, Leilan, Kaiwan and Kirkuk under the supervision of the women’s office of the Kurdistan Olympic Committee and […]

Cancelation of Article 23 sparks various reactions

The Iraqi Federal Court decision for the cancelation of Article 23 of the special elections in Kirkuk has sparked different reactions, with the governor describing the decision as a rational response to the people of Kirkuk while the Turkmen and Arabs are refusing the decision. The governor of Kirkuk, Najmadin Karim announced “Iraqi Parliament member […]

KDP official criticizes Najmadin Karim

The head of the Kirkuk office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party has slammed the governor, Najmadin Karim, who has addressed the cancelation of Article 23 of the Special Elections in Kirkuk to be an achievement of an Iraqi parliament member on behalf of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The Iraqi Federal Court gave the verdict […]

Syrian refugees in Kirkuk to receive free medical services

The Kirkuk Health Department announced that all the medical and health services will be free of charge for the Syrian refugees in Kirkuk and a medical team has been formed to visit the refugee camps. The directorate of the department, Sabah Amin announced “The hospitals and health centres are open for the Syrian refugees for […]

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