Dlpak’s burial to be carried out in Sulaymaniah

The body of Jihad Dlpak arrived in Sulaymaniah today, September 30 following his death in Germany five days ago. The burial took place in the Saiwan cemetery in Sulaymaniah city where family, friends and a large number of artists and actors were in attendance. Nasr Hassan, director and family friend of the deceased told Xendan […]

Iraqi woman pregnant with 13 fetuses

A woman in the Saladin province reportedly is pregnant with 13 fetuses after a regular pregnancy check. 41-year-old Jury Hussein, living in the Alami sub-district of Saladin province is currently in her second trimester and she has been told that she is pregnant with 13 fetuses following a regular obstetrical and radiological check-up. Abas, the […]

Blast leaves five military members dead and injured

Two military members have been killed and another three were left injured as a planted bomb exploded by a convoy of the Iraqi military this afternoon, September 29. According to the security sources, the bomb, which was planted on the road near the Humeira village of the Hawija district, exploded by a convoy of the […]

PR officer of Hawija police killed in shootout

A group of gunmen opened fire on the vehicle of the public relations officer of the Hawija police on Friday, September 27, leaving him dead. Brigadier General Sarhad Qadir, chief of the Kirkuk police of the districts and sub-districts stated “A group of four gunmen opened fire on the vehicle of the public relations officer […]

Jihad Dlpak dies at 65

The Kurdish famous actor Jihad Dlpak has passed away  at the age of 65 after a long battle with cancer. A source told Xendan Press “Jihad Dlpad passed away last night, September 25 in Germany.” “I will return to art and acting.” These were the lasts words of Jihad Dlpak to be heard by his […]

Attacks in Hawija leave dozens dead and injured

A group of unknown gunmen attacked the building of the Hawija District Council this morning, September 25 leaving dozens dead and injured. The attacks were initiated with two car bombs followed by gunmen trying to enter the building. The commander of the 12th division of the Iraqi Army Major Genreal Muhamad Khalal al-Dleimiy stated “The […]

Security forces demand Petro-Dollar budget

The security committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council is demanding 5% of the Petro-Dollar budget of the province for their needs. The demand was made during a meeting of the security com mittee of the provincial council with the Kirkuk administration and the governor on September 24. Ahmad Askari told PUKmedia “We, the security committee […]

New security plan in Kirkuk

The security committee of the Kirkuk Provincial Council has announced a new security plan in Kirkuk following Sunday’s blasts which left more than 50 injured. The meeting of the committee was held on September 24 with the participation of Governor Najmadin Karim, the commanders of the security forces of the Iraqi government, and the Kurdistan […]

Exhibition on International Day of Peace

An art exhibition was held on September 21 on the International Day of Peace in Kirkuk. Photos: Salam al-Ansari  

Gunmen have attacked a family in the village of Jabalia in the Hawija district, killing a woman and leaving her husband injured. Brigadier General Sarhad Qadir, the chief of the Kirkuk police of the districts and sub-districts told PUKmedia “Last night, September 22, a group of gunmen attacked a family in Jabalia village of the […]

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