Businessman killed in Kirkuk

A businessman from Rania city has been found dead in Kirkuk as he was visiting the city to take back his 200,000 US dollar debt. A source from the Kirkuk police told Kirkuk Now “The businessman has been identified as Azad Ahmad and he visited Kirkuk on Wednesday, October 30 to take back his 200,000 […]

Iraqi Parliament seats increases

The factions and blocs of the Iraqi Parliament have reached an agreement to increase the number of parliament seats from 325 to 350 seats. The decision was passed during the parliamentary sessions on October 30, which were held specifically for the electoral laws of the Iraqi Parliament elections. Khalid Shwani, a member of parliament told the […]

“We will have our response if we have to.”

The prefect of Kirkuk is demanding that the governor silence the Kirkuk Satellite Channel and has threatened to respond fiercely while the policy advisor of the channel claims that they haven’t accused anyone but have shown the negligence of the prefect. Kamil Sallaiy, the prefect of Kirkuk published a post on his personal Facebook page […]

Nuri al-Maliki arrives in US and Nachirvan Barzani to visit Turkey

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki has arrived in the United States of America for a five-day visit and Nechirvan Barzani, the KRG Prime Minister is set to visit Turkey. The Iraqi PM’s office announced “The Prime Minister has arrived in the United States of America on Tuesday, October 29, where he is set to […]

Toll bridge connects four provinces

An investor has built a private bridge over the Tigris River crossing from the Zab sub-district to Saladin province, with the bridge now connecting the provinces of Saladin, Erbil, Nainawa and Kirkuk. Anyone using the bridge pays a particular cash fee according to the size of the vehicles and loads. Photo: Adnan al-Jburi  

“Najmadin Karim has political aims behind relocating political parties’ bases.”

Officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Kirkuk think that there are political aims behind the decision of the Kirkuk governor for relocating the political parties bases and headquarters to the outside of the city limits. Nearly six months ago, the Kirkuk Security Committee headed by Kirkuk governor Najmadin Karim issued a decision obliging the […]

Ministry of Finance halts 100-salaries debt

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance has halted the 100-salaries debt given to the Iraqi employees until the beginning of next year. Minister of Finance Ali Shukri announced that due to the annual crediting of the ministry, the advance debt is temporarily halted and it will resume starting from 2014. The debt, which was equivalent to […]

Kirkuk derby ends in draw

The Kirkuk derby between Khak and Sawra ended in a draw in the Kurdish Premier League. Khak FC hosted Sawra on Monday, October 28, and after a fierce and tough competition, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Sawra FC took the lead in the 39th minute through Mariwan Shukr and the first half ended […]

Kurdish authors burn their books

A number of Kurdish authors of Kirkuk showed their objections against the poor conditions for art and culture in the city by burning their own books. On the evening of Sunday, October 27, a number of authors and poets of Kirkuk city set fire to their own books and publications as a sign of objection […]

Sawra FC sacks its coach

The Sawra Football Club of Kirkuk sacked its head coach, Sabah Ghani, following his repetitive unpromising results in the Kurdish Premier League. Ahmad Wakil, the spokesman of the club told Kirkuk Now “The results are not up to the expected and in the last two games, we have not won a single point and that […]

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