Halabja district to be made province

The Iraqi Council of Ministers has approved plans to make the Halabja District into a province. The Iraqi Minister of Trade Kheer- allah Hassan told Xendan Press “The Iraqi Council of Ministers has approved the appeal of the Halabja district to be made a province during the regular meeting of the council on December 31.” […]

Central Government imposes conditions over KRG

The Iraqi central government has imposed its conditions over the Kurdistan Regional Government in their agreements on the export of Kurdistan oil, according to a senior Kurdish official in Baghdad. The official, who preferred to remain anonymous told Hawlati “The Kurdish delegations have agreed on six terms with the Baghdad officials during their latest meeting […]

Kurdish parties agree on alliance list, KDP remains undecided

The Kurdish political parties have agreed on the Patriotic Coalition of Kurdistan entering the Iraqi Parliament elections but the Kurdistan Democratic Party has not yet decided about their alliance to the list. The agreement came following a meeting of the political parties on December 30 in the Kirkuk Branch of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, […]

Blasts hit Kirkuk

Rahimawa car bomb explosion… Photo Karwan Salhi

Two car bombs and a motorcycle blast in three different locations in Kirkuk leave a number of casualties, among them are children, according to Kirkuk Now’s reporter. The first car bomb went off at 8:00 pm in Mamduda neighborhood of Kirkuk, which most of the residents are Arabs. After the first car bomb, a motorcycle […]

In photos, charity fair of Kirkuk Teachers Institute

The second Charity Fair of the Kirkuk Teachers Institute was opened on December 29 in the building of the institute in the Tsi’in neighborhood of Kirkuk and according to the organizers of the fair, the proceeds from the fair will be provided for the poor families of Kirkuk. Photos: Salam al-Doulaimi

KDP and KIU do not attend meeting of Kurdish parties

The Kurdistan Democratic Party did not attend the meeting of the Kurdish Political Parties without giving any reason as the Kurdistan Islamic Union claimed to have technical issues for their absence. The Kurdish political parties of Kirkuk met on Monday, December 30 at the Kirkuk branch of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan without the participation […]

Artist sells her paintings for poor

Artistic painter Muna al-Obeidi has showcased her works in an exhibition with all the proceeds from the exhibition going to benefit the poor families of Kirkuk. The exhibition was opened on Sunday, December 29 in the activities lounge of the Education Department and will continue for three days with more than 30 paintings being showcased. […]

Turkmen Front calls on voters to obtain election smart cards

The Turkmen Front has called on all Turkmen throughout Iraq to obtain their election smart cards and asked for extensive participation in the upcoming elections. The statement from the Turkmen Front came in a press release on Sunday, December 29 and demanded that the Turkmen of Iraq obtain their election smart cards before January 30, […]

Record attacks on Kirkuk-Cihan oil pipeline

The Kirkuk-Turkey oil pipelines have been attacked a record number of more than 50 different occasions in 2013. A source from the North Oil Company told Kirkuk Now “The insurgent groups have attacked the Kirkuk-Turkey pipeline 54 times in 2013.” “The majority of the attacks were carried out inside Iraq, particularly in Ain al-Jahsh, Fatha […]

Arabs cannot agree on their election candidates

The deadline for submitting the names of the candidates for the Iraqi parlimentary elections is January 3, 2014 according to the Independent High Electoral Commissions. The names of the Kirkuk Arab Alliance candidates have not yet been submitted due to disputes between the Arab parties over the orders of the candidates. Despite having been announced […]

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