The Governor & Four Council Members Finances Not Disclosed for 2013

Najmaddin Kareem and four council members whose names have not been mentioned have not disclosed their personal financial information for 2013, according to data issued by the Commission of Integrity (COI). The COI is an independent governmental body that is responsible for fighting corruption and was established in 2005 according to article 102 of the […]

Two PUK Asayiah Officers Killed

An unknown number of armed men opened fire at two PUK Asayiah officers and killed them. “The event occurred this morning Thursday, January 30th in the Al-Nasr quarter, south of Kirkuk,” a source from the Asayiah told Kirkuk Now. Kareem Muhammed – Kirkuk Now

Kurdistan Quarter in Kirkuk Registered

Homes in the Kurdistan neighborhood, also known as the Failaq district, will be recorded in the land registry department according to a decision by the governor. Most of the Kurdistan inhabitants were displaced during Saddam Hussein’s regime but have now returned. “In his latest visit to the Kurdistan quarter, the governor decided that any home […]

Four Killed, Fifteen Injured in the Latest Kirkuk Car Bombings

On Sunday afternoon, three cars exploded in three different neighborhoods in Kirkuk, killing four and injuring fifteen people.   “The first blast took place in the Raheemawa quarter causing the death of three people and injuring several others,” an official source declared. The explosion caused substantial property damage as well as the destruction of two […]

DOE Director Dismissal Unjust

The Turkmen faction in the Kirkuk Provincial Council objected to the dismissal of the Turkmen director of the department of education because they regard his removal to be unwarranted and unjust. The faction issued a proclamation which declared the injustice of the dismissal, a copy of which was obtained by Kirkuk Now after the public […]

Photo story: moments after the explosions of Raheemawa

  Photo Karwan As-salihi

Shaker Wuhaiyib Al Qaeda “Bogeyman”, alternative to Al-Zarqawi

Mushriq Abbas* “Al Qaeda” youth in Iraq and the region live on the memory of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, they quote his sayings and speeches more than the speeches of the founder Osama bin Laden or the current leader of the organization, Ayman Al-Zawahiri or even the leader of the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”, […]

The Head of KDP Election List Accused of Murder

Mohammad Kamal, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) list for the Iraqi Parliament elections is accused of murder and the court has issued a warrant for his arrest. A KDP official said that, “the decision by the court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Kamal is election propaganda.” According to documents obtained […]

Governor announces Proposed City Improvements

Najmaddin Kareem, the governor of Kirkuk, expressed his remorse for the misfortunes that Kirkuk has experienced in past years. He held a meeting on Wednesday, January 22nd which was attended by the Kurdistan neighborhood citizens in Kirkuk, the mayor of the municipality, the head of waste management, and the head of energy of Kirkuk.   […]

Luck Smiled on Kirkuk’s Premiere League Football Teams

The clubs that represent Kirkuk in the Kurdistan Premiere League did not lose their first place position though their performance was not as good as expected. The matches of the league were played on the 21st of January and Brayeti had the best performance to become League Champions. Khak, Al-Thawra and Alton Kopri represented Kirkuk […]

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