Demand to Stop Kirkuk Oil Export

Protests started in front of the North Oil Company in the Arafa quarter of Kirkuk on Wednesday against the Iraqi Central Government’s policies towards the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The demonstrators held signs demanding change in the central government’s policies as well as the need to stop the North Oil Company from operating. Currently Kirkukis […]

Kirkuk Governor Calls for Continued Cooperation

The governor of Kirkuk, Najmaddin Kareem stressed the importance of the continued cooperation and coordination between the 12th division of the Iraqi Army and the Kirkuk police department in a meeting held on Tuesday. Mr. Kareem discussed the security conditions in the southwestern parts of Kirkuk and the need to stand up against all terrorist […]

Political Party Flags Selling Quickly

The upcoming Iraqi Parliament Elections is causing citizens to purchase the flags of their political parties which are outselling the Kurdistan flags in the market. Local Kirkuki merchants have produced the flags for the three main Kurdish political parties (Kurdistan Democratic Party, Gorran Movement, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan). The textile sellers of the […]

Photo Story: Alea in the Citadel Alone

One Kirkuki woman has decided to make the Kirkuk Citadel which was built 5000 years ago by the Gutians her home. They are thought to be the ancestors of the Kurdish people. Alea Khidir who is 68 years old lives alone in one of the rooms in the citadel. She has no relatives and decided […]

KRG Seeks UN Support

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has asked the United Nations, the Shiite religious leaders and the Arab League to assist them in their continued struggle with the Iraqi Central Government. On Sunday, Nechirvan Barzani, the Prime Minister of the KRG, held talks in Baghdad with the Kurdish ministers and the members of the Iraqi Parliament […]

Shanaz’s Blood for Blood

Shanaz, a 23 year old Kirkuki woman, was found dead just a week after her marriage. She was given to her husband to resolve a feud between two families. According to her mother, “One of our family members had killed a member of their family. Shanaz did not want to marry into this family and […]

Security Conditions for the Last Three Days

In the last 72 hours in Kirkuk, there was a sniper attack on an Iraqi army commander’s house, a fire in a Turkmen school, three explosions, and a clash between the Iraqi Army and an armed group.   “The house of Brigadier Commander, Faisal Ali, was attacked by several snipers and during the incident; one […]

Blackout on Security Breaches in Province

Head of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk declared after an attempt to assassinate him, the terrorist operations targeting the Turkmen component in Iraq is planned and intended to offset the Turkmen symbols off the political arena. “There is a variety of reasons behind the ongoing security breaches and the Turkmen have become a victim of […]

Iraq in Need of Arms in Combating “Terror”

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki declared that his country needs weapons to defeat “terror”. A statement published on the PM’s website pointed out that Al-Maliki has called for the Russian government’s support in a meeting with the Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and Michael Bogdanov, the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s private envoy, to support Iraq […]

Explosion Targets Arshad As-salihi

A bomb exploded near the convoy of Arshad As-salihi who is a member of the Iraqi parliament and head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front. The explosion took place in Qasabkhana in the Mosalla neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon. “There was a bomb planted near the side of the road and it exploded when Mr. As-salihi’s convoy […]

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