Photo Story: Kirkuk DOE Volleyball Team Won the Championship

The Kirkuk Directorate of Education has won the Iraqi DOE Volleyball Championship which was held at Rusafa Hall in Baghdad. Eight teams participated in the tournament from all over Iraq. The Kirkuk DOE team beat the Dhiqar DOE team in the final match three games to two. Yassin As-sabawi, Kirkuk Now

First unified central prison inaugurated

 On Thursday morning, the provincial council inaugurated the first unified central prison in Kirkuk. The prison consists of eight halls and has the capacity to hold three hundred and fifty inmates. Several officials attended the inauguration. The provincial council allocated six hundred million ID to build the prison. The prison is located inside the airport […]

Communist Party Present Hassan Garmiyani with Award

The communist party in Kurdistan honored the singer and artist Hassan Garmiyani with a gold hammer and sickle medal. The Kurdish singer, Hassan Garmiyani received the gold medal from the Kirkuk committee of the communist party to show respect for his work. The Minister of Culture of the KRG who is affiliated with the communist […]

Daqoq Library Still Waiting for a New Building

The public library in Daqoq is just a single room in the cultural center of the district. It has been there for more than half a century. “We’ve made many requests for a new building for the library but each request has been turned down,” Sarmad Zoraw, the librarian of the Daqoq public library told […]

The Old Daqoq Tower is Being Restored

The Daqoq municipal council allocated two hundred million IQD for the restoration of the ancient minaret in the town. “200 million ID has been allocated for the restoration of the Daqoq minaret because of its archaeological importance. There are ongoing searches for other historical sites,” the mayor of the district Ameer Khwakaram told Kirkuk Now. […]

‘Blood for blood’ an ignorant statement

  Before talking about Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s declaration, I wonder about America and its embassy’s quick and hasty statement that called on ‘the government of Iraq… to hold the perpetrator of this criminal act accountable.’ Is this not a quick decision on an issue that must be decided by the court before anyone else? […]

Alkhozai: Terrorism is an Arab and Islamic Countries make

  “Terrorism is made in Arab and Islamic countries. They have employed men, media institutions and fatwa (legal justifications) for it”, the Iraqi Vice President, Khodhair Alkhozai, said in his speech to the Arab summit in Kuwait in March 25. 14. He called for blocking the media which urge on terror from broadcasting in their […]

“Home is where the heart is” for Fallujah Displaced

The Kirkuk Kurds who were displaced to Fallujah during the Baath regime reign offer aid to the displaced Arabs from Fallujah in Kirkuk. The latter have received accommodations and cooperation from the people while the government has turned its back on them. More than one thousand families left their homes in Fallujah and fled to […]

Literacy Class Student Numbers Increase

The number of literacy course participants is increasing this year compared to 2013. The manager of the eradication of illiteracy department in the Kirkuk Directorate of Education DOE stated. Qais Abd Ahmad the DOE eradication of literacy department manager revealed that there had been two hundred sixteen centers for literacy courses in 2013 in the […]

Arabkha Citadel Literary Festival

A literary festival named after the Arabkha citadel which was the original name of Kirkuk and its historic citadel was held on Sunday the 23rd of March which is also the World Poetry Day. “The Union of Writers organized a festival for poetry in cooperation with Al-raad Media Foundation under the name Arabkha citadel. The […]

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