Voting rate in Kirkuk 35% till 12:00

The rate of the voters in the parliamentary elections reached 35% up to 12:00 Wednesday, the 30th of April, the Independent High Electoral Commission, IHEC public relations of the Kirkuk office announced Abdul-Basset Darwish said to Kirkuk Now.   The public voting for the Iraqi parliament started at 07:00 of Wednesday, the 30th of April […]

Kirkuk candidates disregard IHEC rules

The head of the Kirkuk Independent High Electoral Commission, IHEC, threatens fining those parties and candidates who have posted their campaigning paraphernalia near the polling centers. “Those candidates and parties who have posted their posters less than one hundred meters from the polling centers breach the IHEC rules”, said Farhad Talabani the head of the […]

Search for bombed ambulance in Kirkuk

A kind of confusion has overcome the security establishments in Kirkuk because of information received about a bombed ambulance. They are on alert lest it should target one of the polling centers. “We’ve received information that a bombed ambulance has been prepared to be blown up at one of the polling centers; therefore, we’ve ordered […]

PDK candidate’s son shot injured

Fire was opened at the son of Ameera Abdul-kareem the Kurdistan Democratic Party, PDK candidate for the Iraqi parliament and seriously injured him at the Shorija quarter in Kirkuk. “Some civilians carrying pistols opened fire on Hoshang Yaseen Mohammed, the son of the PDK candidate Ameera Abdul-kareem and seriously injured him”, an eyewitness said to […]

Private voting exceeded 91%

Private voting for the Iraqi parliament reached 91.46% in Iraq according to the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC). Private voting for the Iraqi parliament for the interior, defense and peshmarga forces as well as prison inmates and hospitalized patients all over Iraq including the three provinces in Kurdistan took place on Monday the 28th of […]

Talabani took part in voting

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdsat TV published a video shot showing Jalal Talabani the president of Iraq and the secretary of the PUK, voting from Hospital in Berlin, Germany, for the elections of the Iraqi parliament. See the link:

Exclusive: Azadi Hospital voting station closed down

A source declared that some armed affiliates of a political party entered the voting station in the Azady Hospital causing a commotion. The source who desired to remain anonymous said to Kirkuk Now. Another source said, “Two bundles of electronic cards vanished during opening the voting station for the voters”. The source added that only […]

Private voting commenced in Iraq

The process of private elections for the Iraqi parliament commenced, in all the towns of Kurdistan, at 07:00 hrs of the morning of Monday, the 28th of April. The Iraqi army troops, police, security, prison inmates, hospital staff and patients vote in the process. One million twenty three thousand Iraqis have the right to vote […]

Journalists Can Enter Certain Voting Centers

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the names of the voting centers where journalists and media staff can visit during the process of the elections. The statement from the IHEC read that journalists can visit voting centers during the public and the private voting. See the picture for the centers. Kirkuk Now

Government bears some responsibility for Christian emigration

The Iraqi and the world Chaldean Patriarch attributes the exodus of Iraqi Christians to government policies. Louis Saco, the patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world declared in a statement that the emigration of the Christians is very scary and disturbing. Kirkuk Now received a copy of the statement. “Our numbers may drop […]

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