44 women abducted in Kirkuk

44 women were abducted last year in Kirkuk, an official letter from the Kirkuk police stated. The letter which was signed by Major General Jamal Tahir, chief commander of the police, was forwarded to the human rights committee in the Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC). The letter which was also published in the Hawlati newspaper stated […]

Kirkuk ‘Messi’ dreams of Holland

The way he catches the ball, forwards and rejoices after scoring goals reminds everyone of Messi. It seems the Kirkuki Messi will be a future world football star that will shine brighter than the star of Barcelona and Argentina. He will shine for the whole Middle East. The Kirkuk Messi is a young boy of […]

3 causes behind decrease in Arab seats

The deputy governor of Kirkuk province, Rakan Saeed Al-jubouri declared that there are three reasons for the decrease in the Arab seats in the Iraqi parliament elections. “The first cause was the deterioration of the security situation in the south west areas of Kirkuk besides the security violations on Election Day. The second was the […]

Oil exportation halted for 45 days

A warning came from a member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council (KPC) due to oil export from Kirkuk to the Turkish port Jayhan. Exportation stopped 45 days ago. He accuses the Iraqi Government (IG) of causing this stoppage. The stoppage happened after the oil pipe line between Kirkuk-Jehan was blown up. “Because of the continuous […]

Turkman Candidates are eyeing the KPC chairmain position

The Turkmans in Kirkuk insist on getting the Kirkuk Provincial Council’s chairman position after the previous chairman leaves for the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad. Arabs support them while the Kurds want the position for themselves. Hassan Toran, the chairman of the KPC managed to win the necessary votes through the Turkman Front list to reach […]

Body of the last abducted driver found

The body of the last abducted driver was found on the Kirkuk-Sulaimani highway near the town of Gopala in the Baziyan sub-district. In October, 2013, sixteen drivers disappeared on the Kirkuk-Sulaimani highway. Their relatives have protested and called on the authorities several times to find the missing men. The four of the bodies were previously […]

Media: The number of Arab seats were predicted

A number of Arab media professionals in Kirkuk expressed dissatisfaction about the Arab lists only winning two seats and believe that the multiplicity of the Arab lists dissipated the votes. This result was expected. The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) officially announced the parliamentary election results which were held at the end of April. The […]

Zhala Naftchi: my name was dropped from the winners’ list

Zhala Naftchi the Kirkuki Turkman candidate says she had been successful in the elections for the Iraqi parliament but they have excluded her name from the list of winners. She told Kirkuk Now that she had been among the winners according to the information and documents she obtained from the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) […]

Cancellation of RCC Decisions Ratified

Khairollah Hassan, the minister of trade, declared that the Ministers’ Council approved by a majority in anticipation of a legislative project for the abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council, RCC of the Baath Regime was send to the Parliament for ratification. The Sunni ministers, as well as Mohammed Tameem, did not vote for the project. […]

The only woman in Kirkuk who won by popular vote

Ala Talabani from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK is the only woman in Kirkuk to win the elections for the Iraqi Parliament without a women quota. There are 22 women in 11 Iraqi provinces according to the results announced by the Independent High Electoral Commission, IHEC in Iraq who won the election as men […]

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