Shia Started its Fight with ISIS

The Shi’ite armed groups started fighting with ISIS in Kirkuk. There has been deaths and injuries on both sides. The fight started on Sunday, June 29th in Basheer near Dakuk. According to a security source, there has been casualties and injuries on both sides. Basheer residents are Turkmen Shia. It has become a place of […]

Adil Murad: Article 140 Has Not Been Implemented

The Secretary of the Central Council of the PUK party talked about the security situation and the fight between ISIS, the Iraqi army, and the Peshmarga, announcing that nobody can say article 140 has been implemented for the safety of Kirkuk. In an interview with Radio Xendan, he mentioned they cannot say that article 140 […]

Abasi Receives Dozens of Refugees

Dozens of refugees fled to southwestern Kirkuk because of the fighting occurring in Salah Aldin. A source told Kirkuk Now, “Dozens of families from Salah Aldin fled to southwestern Kirkuk in the last three days.” They added that most families are from Beji and Sinia districts in Salah Aldin. They fled to Abasi and other […]

UNAMI is Worried about the Escalating Sectarianism

The Special Representative of Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Nikolay Mlandenov expressed his extreme concern about the escalating sectarianism in Iraq. In a statement by the UN, he explained, “There are continuous reports about  ISIS gunmen and other gunmen from different groups who are killing people from different religions and races such as […]

Turkey is Ready to Receive Kirkuk’s Oil

After the Kurdistan regional prime minster visited Turkey, the Turkish Energy minister considered Kirkuk as an important source for oil exportation. He mentioned that if Kirkuk exports oil, they will be ready to transfer it. In a statement to Anadolu Agency, Taner Yildiz the Turkish energy minister said, “Kirkuk is an important source for oil […]

The Turkmen Front Calls for Not Implementing the Policy of Imposing Fait Accompli

The Iraqi Turkmen Front confirmed on Saturday, June 28th that Kurdistan president’s, Masoud Barzani, visit is a normal case, and described it as any Iraqi official visit. Also, they asked to not follow the policy of imposing fait accompli. In a statement, “We are not concerned about this visit as much as we are concerned […]

Two Sukhoi Airplanes Arrived in Baghdad

On Saturday, June 28th, the Ministry of Defense announced that two Sukhoi-25 airplanes arrived in Baghdad. They confirmed the airplanes will enter service immediately. There first mission will be to free Tikrit from ISIS control. The ministry spokesman Mohammed Askari told Alsumaria News, “The first two Russian Sukhoi-25 airplanes arrived in the capital Baghdad, and […]

Nechirvan Barzani and Erdogan Study the Current Situation in Iraq

After his arrival in Turkey, Kurdistan’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani had a meeting with Rajab Taib Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister on Thursday, June 26th. The meeting discussed the current situation in Iraq after ISIS took control of Mousel and other areas. They both expressed their concerns about the bad security situation and the increasing […]

Previous Minister Heads the Opening Session of the Iraqi Parliament

Former Minister of Planning Mahdi Alhafidh heads the opening session of the Iraqi Parliament because he is the oldest member. Iraq’s presidency announced a decree on Thursday, June 26th that says next Tuesday will be the first session for the new Iraqi Parliament. According to article 54 of the Iraqi constitution, the oldest member will […]

Barzani: Peshmarga Should Stay in Kirkuk Forever

In a meeting with the representatives of the political parties,Kurdistan president MasoudBarzani mentioned that the Peshmarga should stay in Kirkuk forever. Kurdistan president MasoudBarzani visited Kirkuk on Thursday, June 26th. In a speech, “The Peshmaga forces are here to defend Kirkuk’s residents,”Barzani said. In the same speech which was given in Mala Abdulla hall on […]

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