Return of Hope: Thousands of Illiterates are Learning Reading and Writing

The writing and signs on the streets are no longer odd for Ebtisam. She can now read them and find any place she wants without asking for help from others as she used to. Ebtisam Mahmmod has spent her life without literacy. She and hundreds of people in Kirkuk were introduced to an education process […]

An Organization: Documentation of the Brutalities toward the IDPs

The Minority Net Alliance of Iraq has published a report about the brutalities that are taking place towards the Yezidis since the arrival of ISIS and gaining of control over Mosul and the surrounding regions; it has been revealed that more than 400 thousand Yazidis have escaped and became refugees and IDPs, with some of […]

Migration or Return: the Christian of the Nineveh Rural Areas are Anxious

The Christians in the rural areas of Nineveh are classified into two categories when it comes to returning to their birthplaces or migrating permanently to outside of Iraq. This argument started after the areas of the North and the East of Mosul were controlled two months ago. When ISIS took control of Mosul and the […]

Khalid Al-Mafraji: the Operation of Hawija is Imminent

Khalid Al-Mafraji, the representative of Kirkuk province in the parliament of Iraq, has stated that the operations to retake Hawija are “close”, and expects that the operations will start in the coming two weeks. Khalid Al-Mafraji’s statements were made during an interview with KirkukNow about the readiness of the Iraqi forces and Peshmerga for the […]

Photo story: Kiln Craft Industry

Kiln craft industry has been practiced in Kirkuk since ancient times. Technology didn’t have a significant impact on this mud kiln industry.The material for making mud kilns are red soil which exists in some places in the city of Kirkuk and it is mixed up with hay and salt. Not only the bakeries have desire […]

Photo Story: Daily Life of the Internal Displaced People

The daily life of the Internal displaced People in Hawija, Mosul, and Diyala in the camps of Kirkuk province.According to Kirkuk officials, there are up to 500 thousand IDPs in Kirkuk, living in the refugees camps.  

Kirkuk’s Women Take Action Against Violent Men

Regardless of boundaries and “tradition”, 24-year-old Shaunm Muhammed eventually took legal action against her husband and had him arrested by the police and prosecuted in the hope of ending the brutal and offensive relationship and his cruelty towards her during the past three years. Last year the Department of Family Protection from Violence from the […]

400 of Shia Turkmen Women are Still in ISIS Captivity

Up to 400 Shia Turkmen women who were captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants during their assault on Tel Afar district are still in the (ISIS) hands, according to a report by the Iraqi Minorities Alliance Network in December 2016. Based on an official survey, the network’s report explains, “up to 400 women of […]

Hawija, the Longest Night to Freedom

“Oh cigarette… today I was able to marry the cigarette again” Naziha Mahmmud, who is above sixty years old. She was spreading the dark smoke of her cigarette in the air as rapidly as she could, in order to forget the unpleasant night in which she was about to die at the hands of the […]

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