KirkukNow Relaunches as the Media Platform for Citizens in Iraq’s “Disputed Territories”

Iraq’s disputed territories remain an issue of fundamental significance for peace and stability in the country; these areas have become the centre of attention since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, and more importantly since the Islamic State (ISIS) overran large swathes of northern and western Iraq in 2014. KirkukNow is the only […]

Ministry of Migration and Displacement: 500.000 Displaced People will be received

Darbaz Muhemmed, Minister of Migration and Displacement said that the Ministry of Migration and Displacement plans to build 100.000 tents to receive 500.000 displaced people. On March 9th, at the Fifth-Annual Sulaimani Forum, Darbaz Muhemmed said that they are planning to build 100.000 tents with the cooperation and coordination of the United Nations and the […]

Kirkuk University Students Celebrate National Clothes Day

Kirkuk University students in all components expressed peaceful coexistence in the city by wearing national clothes on national clothes day. On Thursday, March 9th, the students of Kirkuk University wore national clothes. They sang and danced together to express coexistence between different components of Kirkuk. SORAN MUHEMMED KIRKUKNOW

Photos: International Women’s Day Activities in Sheikhan

On the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day, the Kurdish Women’s Association emphasizes its struggle to realize women’s rights and put pressure on the international community in order to work to rescue the abducted Yazidi (Ezidi) women that are still in the hand of the Islamic State (ISIS). The event took place on March […]

“We Defeated Death, We do not Go Back”

Samir Shakir and his family – that consists of 25 people – prefer to live in the refugee camps of Khazir instead of going back to their destroyed house in Mosul where their lives “will be in danger”. Samir is from the Somer neighbourhood located on the left side of Mosul which was retaken by […]

Houses in Nineveh Left Partially Damaged

  64% of the Christian houses in Nineveh have been partially damaged, and some of the houses have been completely destroyed because of the destruction caused by Islamic State (ISIS) in the province. Earlier this week, at the Babylon Media agency on  Ainkawa Road in Erbil, some of the documentation and reconstruction committees of the […]

Ezidis: “We Want Peace not War”

The Yazidi (Ezidi) community says they are mostly concerned about the conflict between the KDP and the PKK-related forces. While they wait to return to their homes, they are afraid that the conflict between the Kurdish parties will make the situation worse. These concerns come after the clashes between Rojava Peshmerga, close to Kurdistan Democratic […]

Rival Kurdish Forces Clash in Sinjar: Two Journalists Injured

Clashes broke out between two Kurdish forces in Sinjar, leaving casualties behind; meanwhile, life of civilians who have recently returned home is at risk. The clashes started at 7 o’clock local time on Friday morning, and it took place in Snuny sub-district in Sinjar region. The clashes were between Rojava Peshmerga, close to Kurdistan Democratic […]

Munifa Reunion with her Daughter

Munifa embraced her daughter, and kissed her from time to time like she was not expecting seeing her again. Zina was 7 months old when the ISIS militants took control over Mosul. She was separated from her mother. She is now 3 years old, but she does not recognize her mother. After the emergence of […]

Truck Drivers Cut off Highway Leading to Baghdad

A number of truck drivers cut off the highway between Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahalddin and Baghdad to protest charging by different security checkpoints. Dler Ahmed, who was one of the drivers, told KirkukNow, “We cut off the highway to Baghdad, the roads of Sharaban, Tuz Khurmatu, and Al Khalis are all closed because the checkpoints charge […]

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