A Private Hospital Suspended in Kirkuk

Kirkuk’s Health Department suspended Darul-Hikma private hospital for one week following a legal complaint against them. The decision came after Nozan Salahadeen, who was pregnant, was admitted to the hospital. However, after she gave birth, she was allegedly given wrong medication. The infection of Salahadeen’s hand forced her to make a surgery on the same […]

Teenager Killed by the Turkish Airstrikes

His mother was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago. The Turkish airstrikes on Shingal killed a teenage boy whose mother was kidnapped by ISIS three years ago. Turkish fighter jets bombed some positions of Shingal Protection Units (YBS) an affiliate of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Peshmarga forces in Shingal on Tuesday March-24. The attack […]

The Victims of Escape

The story of civilians fleeing ISIS Sirwan Hussein He was crying on an empty bag while uttering some unclear words. Abdullah then unzipped the body bag on a hospital’s wheeled trolley to put his daughter’s dead body. Sara, Abdullah’s 5-year old daughter, was stretched as if she was in a deep sleep. Her eyes were […]

Yezidi Spiritual Leader Calls for Rescuing Kidnapped Yezidis.

On Wednesday April 19, which marked the Yezidi New Year, the spiritual leader of the Yezidis Baba Shekh called again for serious attempts to rescue the Yezidi women kidnapped by ISIS. “On the occasion of our new year we stress again our call on international community to make meaningful attempts on rescuing our kidnapped women” […]

Charshama Sur the Sacred Day

Dyari Khalid Charshama Sur, or the Yezidis New Year, is one of oldest ceremonies for the Yezidis. It is celebrated annually on second Wednesday of April. Charshama Sur, translated as Red Wednesday, is a sacred day and widely celebrated by the Yezidis. April for Yezidis! Yezidis believe April is a scared month and is called […]

Father Beats Child in Kirkuk

A child was beaten by a cable by his father and brother after returning late from playing football. His mother took him to hospital for treatment of his wounds. The hospital staff contacted the local police when they saw the boy, and requested his father’s presence in order to give him treatment. Colonel Sherzad Marif […]

A Four-Year-Old Child Died in a Kirkuk Hospital

A four-year-old boy died in the Kirkuk’s public hospital where he was taken for treatment of breathing difficulty. His family says they will sue the hospital for the death of their child. Mohammed Hemin was taken to hospital around 9:20pm on April 15, however he died a couple hours later at the hospital. Wirya Abdulla, […]

Hundreds of Hawija Families Not Allowed Entering Kirkuk

“Three children have died from starvation” Kirkuknow Hundreds of escaping families from ISIS are not allowed to enter Kirkuk and they have been caught between the trenches of Peshmerga forces and ISIS militants leaving their lives in danger .Meanwhile according to a source “ three children have died of starvation” . Sheikh Naief Marzuq Al-Nuaemy […]

Women Refugees Endure Violence

Female refugees experience different types of violence in the refugee camps and most cases remain silent due to traditional influences and tribal settlements. According to a report conducted by the Human Rights Committee in cooperation with Department of Combating Violence against Women, PAW organization and UNDP, only in the last six months of last year, […]

The Iraqi Forces change tactic in Mosul to protect civilians.

The Iraqi Forces will deploy new tactic in the fight against ISIS in Mosul to protect civilians, a Nineveh Provincial Council member said. The new tactic will include alley-to-alley clashes using light and medium weapons. Omer Alias Ali told Kirkuknow that “the Iraqi army has been successful in breaking the human shields used by ISIS […]

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