UNAMI delegation visits Kirkuk

Wrya Kakaei A delegation from United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) visited Kirkuk and heard the views and concerns of of various communities without the delagtion expressing any views. The UNAMI delegation headed by the Political Affairs officer Manoch Matthew held five meetings on Tuesday to discuss the election, IDPs, Hawijah operation and referendum. […]

Kirkuknow partners with WADI to fight violence against children

Violence towards children in schools and the home is a serious and underrepresented issue all over the Middle East. While the violence can take many forms, from beatings and spankings, to shouting, and bullying, the reasons behind it are often similar; it is seen as the only effective way to command respect or authority from […]

Islamic State executes 34 individuals in Hawijah

Islamic State militants have killed 34 people in Hawijah within 24 hours and have gathered tens of families to use as human shields in the coming battle, a local commander of Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) says. Naif Sheikh Marzuq Na’imi the commander of 1st Battalion of Hawijah Hashd Brigade told Kirkuknow: ”Today, Monday our relatives […]

Number of people getting married in Nineveh is rising

There have been a steady increase in number of marriages in Nineveh since February according to the Iraqi High Judicial Council while the battle to retake the city of Mosul is reaching its last stages.  In February which coincided with retaking of eastern side of Mosul, there were 1,353 cases of marriage but this number […]

Students at camps overcome barriers to study

Farman Sadeq The temperatures is over 40 centigrade , the schools does not have sufficient teachers and books but that has not prevented Taha Hussein and many others students displaced from Mosul to continue their studies. Hussein lost two years of school in Mosul as the central government warned that it would not accept any […]

Haydar Shasho: Yazidis should run their own affairs in Sinjar

Farman Sadeq Haydar Shasho a prominent Yazidi commander in Sinjar proposes a designated province for the Yazidis in an exclusive interview with Kirkuknow and warns about the increasing number of armed forces in the ancestral homeland of this persecuted minority. Shasho who recently established Yazidi Democratic Party to demand their political rights says that following […]

Kurds have three conditions for Turkmens to raise their flag on Kirkuk government buildings

Karwan Salehi The Kurdish parties in Kirkuk agree to accept Turkmen flag alongside Kurdish and Iraqi flag at all government buildings if the Turkmens agree with holding referendum, voting for the provincial council election and execution of the Article 140 of Iraqi Constitution. Earlier this month, Kurdish parties visited the Turkmen sides to discuss the […]

Two thousand complaints mostly from women lodged at Hasan Sham camp

Farman sadiq Two thousand complaints have been lodged at Hasan Sham IDP camp within only seven months and most were from women. Binar Duski the head of Complaints Division at Hasan Sham camp says in an interview with KirkukNow most issues that concern the internal displaced persons at the camp are of social nature. “Within […]

Security Forces in Kirkuk prepare to liberate Hawijah

Different sections of Iraqi security forces in Kirkuk have provided a detailed report to Prime Minister Haydar Abadi about the operation to retake Hawijah following a wide ranging meeting on Sunday. The meeting was convened at the request of Prime Minister Abadi on Sunday (May 21) and chaired by General Khatab Omar the head of […]

In Mosul, hunger forces people to hunt street cats

Kirkuknow As hunger grows in west Mosul, some residents are hunting street cats and birds in order to survive the conflict that has raged for over seven months. “When there was nothing left to eat… my father would use a net to catch birds on the roof for us to eat,” four year old Balsem […]

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