Abadi: so-called Islamic State’s rule is over in Iraq

Iraq Prime Minister Haydar al-Abai announced on Thursday that with the retaking of al-Nuri mosque the so-called Islamic State rule is over in the country and warned that the remaining Isis militants will be hunted down and killed. Abadi’s statement was published on his official Facebook page and it came after the Iraqi security forces […]

child ‘suicide bomber’ sentenced to 10 years in Kirkuk 

Karwan Salehi A Kirkuk court has sentenced a teenager who tried, according to security services, to blow himself up last August at a Shi’ite mosque to ten years in prison. On 22 of August 2016 , Kirkuk security forces arrested a 13 year old boy who was wearing a suicide vest at Khazra neighbourhood in […]

Imam of al-Nuri mosque talks about the day Baghdadi declared his caliphate 

Karwan Salehi Sheikh Hamood Omar Hilal the Imam of al-Nuri Mosque was having a bath when his phone rang constantly on Friday 5th of July 2014. He did not pick up the phone and he did not recognise the number. It was around 11am and Sheikh Hilal prepared his Friday sermon and headed to the […]

Hasan Turan: Kurds should reach agreement with Baghdad before referendum

Farmand Sadeq Hasan Turan leader of the Turkmen front and a member of the Iraqi parliament states that the position of the Turkmen is clear about the referendum in Kirkuk and will not support it unless there is a genuine power sharing. Turan believes “permission should have been sought from the Iraqi parliament for referendum […]

Tensions in Qayyarah threaten social cohesion 

The victims of the Islamic State rule in Qayyarah poured into streets today for the third time recently and demanded the expulsion of the relatives and families of Isis militants, creating fear for the social cohesion in the area in the south of Nineveh province. Around 500 youths organised a demonstration today in Qayyarah which […]

Islamic State blows up al-Nuri Mosque where it declared ‘Caliphate’

Islamic State militants blew up the Grand Nuri mosque and Hadba minaret in Mosul, the iraqi army said in a statement. The media Team of the Iraqi Army stated on Wednesday night that once the Iraqi security forces reached within 50 meters of al-Nuri mosque and Hadba minaret, the Isis militants blew up both historic […]

Rise in Islamic State attacks in Tuz Khormato

Islamic State militants launched their their third attack in a week on peshmerga forces in west of Toz Khomrato battling the them for three hours. Several sources told Kirkuknow that to make up for its defeat in Mosul , Isis has increased its activity in Hamrin Mountain range located in between Salahaddin and Kirkuk province, […]

Kurdish and French journalists killed in Mosul

A Kurdish and a French journalist died on Monday covering the battle in west Mosul when an IED exploded as the Iraqi security forces advanced on Islamic State positions in the Old city. The Iraqi Journalists Rights Defense Association said in a statement that Bakhtiyar Haddad who worked with Le Figaro newspaper was killed on […]

400 families have returned to Bashiqa in east Mosul

Mohanad Sinjari At least 400 families have returned to the town of Bashiqa in east Mosul after the peshmerga forces wrestled the control of this multi cultural town from the militants of the Islamic State last November. Many others say they are willing to go back as soon as the government can provide services such […]

Yazidis in Sinjar in the shadow of political rivalries

Mohanad Sinjari The conditions of living for those Yazidis who have returned to the northern part of Sinjar mountain is difficult and unstable. The reason is the tension that exist between various forces that are operating in the area. The entire population of the Sinjar were forced to flee in the summer of 2014 when […]

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