Green Spaces are disappearing in Kirkuk 

Ali Mahmoud The green spaces in Kirkuk are disappearing fast as the local authorities fail to look after them due to lack of funds from Baghdad.  Kirkuknow visited most of the green spaces in Kirkuk neighbourhoods and bazaars and established that these green spaces and the trees have either withered or are withering. Galawij Shukr, […]

The IDPs in Kirkuk face water shortages

The internally displaced people of Nazrawa camp in Kirkuk have water shortages and are forced to buy water to meet their needs. “We have water problem here, everyday the government brings several trucks of water but because of the high temperature and large number of IDPs the water is not enough and we have to buy […]

Kirkuk representatives in Baghdad fail to reach agreement 

Karwan Salehi The representatives of various ethnic and religious groups from Kirkuk did not reach an agreement for the 7th time in parliament over the provincial council election law, as the Kurds rejected several demands by the Arab and Turkmen groups. On Monday (24 July) Parliament speaker Salim Jaburi met with the Kirkuk representatives in […]

PUK and KDP forces confront each other over Kirkuk oilfields

Kurdish forces from rival parties seeking more control of oilfields in Kirkuk areas faced each other last night raising more tension in the region where Islamic State maintains still control large parts of the province. A senior intelligence source in Kirkuk who did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter […]

Parliament calls on Kirkuk representatives to reach a final agreement

Aram Yusuf The head of the Iraqi Parliament is calling on the representatives of various groups in Kirkuk to reach a final agreement in relation to the provincial council election law. According to a statement from the parliament issued on Sunday (July 23) the representatives of Kirkuk will meet on Monday in the parliament to […]

A manly committee for Kurdistan referendum 

Ara Ibrahim A group of organisations defending the rights of women and the Supreme Board of Women Affairs express their concern for disregarding women’s role in making critical decisions in Iraqi Kurdistan such as referendum as only one woman is amongst the 8 member Supreme committee for the referendum. Khanem Rahim the head of Asuda […]

Bodies of two journalists killed in Salahaddin recovered

The bodies of the two journalists who were killed in a village near Shirqat in Salahaddin province while covering a battle between Iraqi security forces and Islamic State recovered. General Khalil Reml the head of Emergency Police of Nineveh province told KirkukNow: “for the last three days we intensified our attacks on Imam Gharbi village […]

KRG forces expel tens of Yazidi families from IDP camps

Muhanad Sinjari Kurdistan Regional Government has expelled tens of Yazidi families from IDP camps in Duhok province after members of these families join the units of Popular Mobolisation Forces (PMF) and tens of other families have been informed to leave the camps soon. Kheder Haji Mirza a prominent figure of the Yazidi community who has […]

Abadi: Kurdistan referendum is unconstitutional 

Iraqi prime minister Haydar al-Abadi once again reiterated that Kurdistan referendum is unconstitutional and said with the retaking of Mosul the grave threat is gone but they have other tasks to finish. Abadi’s statement came during his weekly press conference on Tuesday (July 18) following the council of ministers ordinary meeting earlier that day.  “Kurdistan […]

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council : Referendum will weaken the Kurds 

Ali Shamkhani the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council stated today that holding referendum will isolate and weaken the Kurds and increase the pressures on them. Shamkhani made the statement in a meeting today, July 17, with the representatives of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Tehran which consisted of deputy head of […]

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