Hashd offers military training to children in Kirkuk

Omar Jawad The Popular Mobilisation Forces known (PMF) as Hashd Shabi are offering military training and how to use guns to children under the age of 18 in Taza area in south of Kirkuk. “We are thinking about the future of Iraq, and we decided to offer training to the students, not participating them in […]

Calls for investigation into the killing of two IDP women in Kirkuk

Arab members of the iraqi parliament from Kirkuk hold the governor of the province ‘responsible’ after two Arab women were killed and their bodies dumped outside the city. The MPs call on the Iraqi government and the United Nations to investigate the killings. Last Thursday, 24th of August, in Daquq, south of Kirkuk police found […]

Kirkuk administration calls for inclusion of the province in Kurdistan referendum 

The Kirkuk administration has officially requested to take part in the Kurdistan referendum and the provincial council is expected to vote on the tabled request. Kirkuk provincial council will sit next week to discuss the motion to take part in referendum and council members will cast their votes. Najmaddin Karim the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk […]

PKK affiliated party announces self-rule for Sinjar 

Soran Mohammad Ezidkhan Democratic Party (EDP), a party close to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has announced a self-rule democratic council in Sinjar, while the mayor of Sinjar which is close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) rejects the project as illegal and emphasises that once Tal Afar is retaken, the PKK will be forced out […]

Kirkuk-Baghdad road, a deathtrap

Mohammad Almas The Kirkuk-Baghdad road has become dangerously unsafe where trucks and the potholes left behind by explosion of IEDs are threatening drivers to an extent that the road has earned the road of death nickname. “This is not a road, it is destroyed, and we go on this road because there is no other […]

Civilians are not safe in disputed territories in Diyala

Hawre Azad Abu Raed is a member of a village council in north of Jalawla who has protected his village with 150 other men for the last two years against Islamic State but now he is asking the security services to help him because of the frequent attacks by Isis also known by its Arabic […]

A new centre to fight extremism launched in Kirkuk

The Sunni Endowment in Kirkuk has opened a new centre to raise awareness about the threats of extremism because they consider Islamic State (Daesh) ideology as a threat to the society. The centre which has started its work in Kirkuk aims through its experts to test the religious Imams, university lecturers, and the administrators of […]

Kirkuk: girls football team at the top of Iraqi league 

Dyar Talib Hanan’s family have supported her in playing football for a football team in Kirkuk. She is grateful for the support she has received from her family. Itis thanks to Hanan and girls like her that the education team in Kirkuk has managed to come first in Iraqi league for the fourth consecutive year. […]

Mosul reconstruction will take five years

The deputy head of Nineveh Provincial Council said in an interview with Kirkuknow that 60% of the right side (west) of Mosul city has been destroyed and they have drawn up a five year plan to rebuild the city  but the local government is currently assessing the estimated amount needed for the plan. Nuraddin Qablan […]

Arrests for terrorism and crime rise in Kirkuk

The Kurdish security forces have detained 20 people within five days in the Kirkuk province, according to tally from the security forces. Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Asayish announced on Wednesday (August 9) that they arrested one person in Zorawa neighbourhood who was wanted on theft charges in Salahaddin province. The same force announced on […]

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