PM Abadi: No other option but to live together in a united Iraq

Prime Minister Haydar Abadi is calling for dialogue with the Kurdish leaders and emphasised that Iraqi territorial integrity should be respected and for various groups in the country to live together. Abadi made the comments during his weekly press conference on Tuesday (August 8). Abadi said that the Kurdish parties should convene and discuss the […]

A new multi ethnic force is in training in Kirkuk 

Karwan Salehi A new multiethnic force is being trained in Kirkuk under the umbrella of Popular Mobilisation Force (PMF) and the Iraqi government is poised to arm the force to be used in the future battles. The force known as Kirkuk 2nd Brigade – Iraq Free Men force has started the training on August 5, […]

Kirkuk parties reach agreement on power sharing 

Serwan Hussein Salim Jaburi, Iraqi Parliament speaker says that political groups from Kirkuk have reached an understanding on power sharing in the province. Jaburi called on them to speed up the process by wrapping up their talks.  According to a statement from the Iraqi Parliament on Sunday (6th August) Jaburi chaired a meeting of the […]

Top student in Kirkuk is a displaced girl from Mosul

Mohammad Abdulkhaleq When Sara’s family fled Mosul in a hurry back in 2014, they forgot her textbooks at a time when she was taking her third grade secondary school exams, but a new city made no difference and Sara managed to become the top student in Kirkuk in the final examinations. When she was in […]

Future of Yazidis in Sinjar is uncertain 

Ali Shingali is livening in an IDP camp in Duhok and follows the news about Sinjar closely. He is from Sinjar and keen on returning to his homeland but has not decided yet. “They have taken the south, east and the west,” said Ali. “There is even no water and electricity.” Ali is one of […]

Islamic State militants massacre a Kakaei family near Kirkuk

Karwan Salehi It was a dark night and Hesamaddin in his 60s told his son Rahman to go out and check on the vehicle parked outside the house. Rahman ignited the engine and stayed in the car listening to music in this quiet village in south of Kirkuk. The sound of a sudden bullet made […]

Will Kurdistan referendum achieve its objective in disputed territories? 

Shorsh Khalid Masoud Barzani alongside several representatives of other political parties announced on 7th of June that a referendum for independence will be held on 25th of September in the three provinces in the Kurdistan region and the disputed territories. The Change Movement (Change) and Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) which together have 30 seats in […]

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