Iraqi Security services place fuel blockade on Khanaqin

Iraqi security forces have prevented fuel from reaching the Kurdish majority town of Khanaqin in Diyala province for three days,  say government officials in the area. The last fuel tanker reached Khanaqin on 24th of September one day before the Kurdistan region with the disouted territories voted in a referendum in which close to 93% […]

Shia Militias in Diyala restrict access to Baghdad

One day after a referendum on independence was held in which people of Kurdistan region and the disputed territories voted overwhelmingly to separate from Iraq, Shia militias at Hamrin checkpoint in Diyala province are preventing the residents of Khanaqin which is a disputed territory from travelling to Baghdad. The militias are preventing the people from Khanaqin and the […]

Referendum commission moves two polling stations due to security concerns 

Hawre Azad The Diyla Office of Independent High Electoral and Referendum Commission decided not to open polling stations at Sadiya and Mandali as the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) are responsible for the security of both twons and instead the residents of these two towns are expected to vote in Khanaqin. “We have made all preparations […]

Maliki: We reject the UN proposal on Kurdistan referendum 

Nouri Maliki the head of State of Law Coalition rejects a proposal by the United Nations about the Kurdistan referendum which called for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil and once again he reiterate the coalitions opposition to the plebiscite in the Kurdish region and the disputed territories. Maliki who is also the vice president of […]

Abadi announces the first phase of Hawijah operation 

The commander in chief of Iraqi security forces announced on Thursday the first phase of the operation to retake Hawijah from the Islamic State (Isis). “We announce the first phase of the liberation of Hawijah district and as we promised to our people to cleanse the Iraqi soil from the brigands of Daesh terrorists who have […]

Arabs in Kirkuk are against referendum

Omar Jawad Arab tribal leaders and personalities say they support Kurdish aspiration for self determination but they are against the inclusion of Kirkuk i the upcoming Kurdistan referendum. The leaders met on Monday September 11 and made their position clear in a statement later during a press conference. Sheikh Ismail Hadidi read the statement and […]

PUK in Kirkuk rejects holding Kurdistan referendum in the province 

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) office in Kirkuk rejected the call to hold referendum for Kurdish independence fearing bloodshed in the city between peshmerga and Shia militias. The decision by the PUK office known as Malband is significant because Kirkuk is considered a stronghold of the PUK where the party holds six parliamentary seats […]

Mandali council members forced to cancel referendum plan

Hawre Azad A group of Shia militia from Asaib ahl Haq, an Iranian backed group, raid the Mandali council building on Monday and forced the members of the administrative council to cancel the plan for their sub district to take part in the upcoming Kurdistan referendum. The force also put pressure on the members of […]

Hawijah: the last bastion of Islamic State 

Hawijah is the biggest district in Iraq that has been under Islamic State (Isis) since June 2014 and forms 32% of the Kirkuk province. Hawijah became a district in 1961 and majority of its residents are Arabs with a Kurdish minority. There are several tribes: Obaid, Jabur, Shamar, Naimi, Delemi and Hadidi in the Hawijah […]

Up to 100,000 civilians trapped in Hawijah as battle looms

Islamic State (Isis) is using civilians in the town of Hawijah, a stronghold of the group, as human shields and up to 85,000 civilians could be displaced  as a result of the impending fighting, the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said in a report. The operation to retake the town of Hawijah, “we are coming […]

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