“ISIS changed my life – they cut happiness from me.” – Malak’s story

  “ISIS changed my life. They didn’t let me go anywhere, they cut happiness from me. I couldn’t even go outside in the sun – even if my father was there.” Fifteen year old Malak stands by the window in the house she and her family used to call home. She’s quiet, shy, and deeply […]

Iraqi President spent a day in Kirkuk to resolve differnces

Fuad Masum the president of Iraq spent a day in Kirkuk meeting with different groups and discussing critical issues such as the selection of a new governor and the return of thousands of IDPs to the city and the surrounding districts and subdistricts. President Masum arrived at the city on Monday at 11am and spent […]

Gunmen fire 24 bullets at a journalist’s house in Diyala

Zhino Khalid Two gunmen on a bike fired upon the house of a Kurdish journalist in Kifri town in Diyala province and then fled the scene without causing any injuries to the occupants of the house. The shooting happened  around 1:00 am in the early hours of Monday (November 27) when Haydar Ahmad and his […]

Displaced Kurds from disputed territories want to return

Zhino Khalid Displaced Kurds from Tuz khormato held a demonstration today, Sunday, calling on the Iraqi authorities and the international community to facilitae their return to their city. Tuz Khormato is a mixed Turkmen-Kurdish city in Salahaddin province which was retaken on October 16 by the Iraqi forces including the Shia militias. The retaking of […]

Eight female photographers show their first work in Sulaymaniyah

Hardi Abdullah Eight female photographers showed their first work in an exhibition after they took part in a training course organised by Metrography Agency which aims to encourage these photographers to cover women issues that due to gender issues have not been covered by male photographers. The exhibition ran from 17th to the 19th of […]

Peshmerga and Asayish return to Khanaqin in Diyala

Hawre Azad The Iraqi forces and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have reached an agreement for the peshmerga and Asayish of the party to return to Khanaqin in Diyala and the process of implementation started on Thursday 16 of November. An official from the PUK who was in the meetings which led to the […]

Guarantee respect for the rights of women 

is calling for broad consultation about a proposal to amend Iraq’s personal status law of 1959 which would bring down the age of marriage to 9. The first lady of Iraq insisted that respect for women’s rights should be guaranteed. In a statement on the official website of Iraqi Presidency, Runak Abdulwahid Mustafa calls on […]

Witnessing Daesh executions in Hawijah

Karwan Salehi Two witnesses in Hawijah told Kirkuknow that they had seen several massacres committed by Islamic State militants and showed the locations of two mass graves to Kirkuknow reporter. “Daesh had a topping plant here and on a daily basis they would bring people in orange outfits,” said Saad Saeb, a shepherd in the […]

Seven dead and 200 wounded as powerful earthquake strikes Iraq and Iran

Seven people died and 200 were wounded in northern Iraq after a strong earthquake hit the bordering areas between Iran and Iraq on Sunday night. Iranian media reported that around 400 had been killed in the western provinces bordering Iraq. The earthquake hit at 21:08 on Sunday night (12th of November) which affected Halabja, Kirkuk, […]

Administrative and security changes in disputed territories

The central government in Baghdad has started appointing new officials to the security and administrative positions that were occupied by the Kurds in the disputed territories who abdandoned their psoitions due to the tension and violence in these areas since October 16. According to a Kirkuknow investigation, since October 16, in the provinces of Nineneveh, […]

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