Mosul Kidnapped Journalist “I was Tortured by Governor Order”

The journalist who was kidnapped in Mosul last week, who was arrested and tortured by an order from the governor of Mosul, has left the city after being freed. Journalist Mohammed Amin Hamdani was asked by Nawfal al- Sultan ( the governor of Mosul) to come to the governorate building on Tuesday December 19. The […]

Three Bodies Found and Several Fighters Killed in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Now In a military operation by the Iraqi forces some ISIS fighters were killed at the borders of Kirkuk province and the bodies of three people were found, those three people were kidnapped 20 days ago.   Those three people are: Hiwa Galori, Kosrat and Faryad who are residents of a Kani village in […]

IDPs Shelter in Khanaqin’s Orphaned Church

Hawre Azad The only church in Khanaqin, which for tens of years now is housing displaced people, enforces Christians living in there to head to other places in Kurdistan Region at times of festivals and celebration as their sole choice. Bashara church, that is located in Pasha Kopri neighborhood in Khanaqin, houses tens of poor […]

Photos: Nineveh’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Once Again

Nineveh – Kirkuk Now Christians, for the first time in 3 years since ISIS assault, are helding the festivities of Christmas in Bartella sub-district north-east of Mosul.

Nineveh’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Once Again 

Omar Majid “We decided to hold the celebration of the birth of Jesus despite the damage caused to the church to prove to the world that terrorist attack won’t stop a people who want to do good,” said Tobia Petros Mouche,  the archbishop of Mosul raised a cross into the air and spoke to a congregation […]

Displaced Children Play after War

Layla Ahmad Amer’s family fled Tuz Khormatu on October 16 when the Iraqi security forces wrestled the control of the area from the Kurdish peshmerga forces. The family became displaced and for the last two months, they have stayed in a camp in Dwanza Imam village. “I left all my toys in Tuz Khormatu but […]

Tuz Khurmatu IDPs Long to Return Home

Laila Ahmed- Kirkuk Now “God, I wish to go back to Tuz Khurmatu, for peace to prevail and violence to end, I do not want to see my children die” Suhaila Ahmed (52 years) she repeated this prayer in a desolate voice raising her hands to the sky. Suhaila lived with her seven children and […]

Kurdistan Protests: KirkukNow Refuses Violence

Kirkuknow website reiterates its commitment to the principles of non-violent means in a statement released by Iraqi-German NGO Wadi which is a partner of Kirkuknow. Wadi in a statement on Wednesday called on protesters and the security forces to refrain from using violence and bloodshed in the light of the recent violent protests which have […]

Violent Protests Rock Part of Kurdistan Region

Zhino Khalid, Protests in town of Kifri in Diyala province as well as in Sulaymaniyah province became violent on Tuesday which resulted in the death of several protesters and tens of injuries. The scope of the protests against the delay in payments of salaries and lack of services is increasing.  Tens of protesters shouting anti […]

Iraq CTS Detains 17 Students of Kirkuk University

A group of students who wanted to attend Kirkuk university in Kurdish attire were detained for an hour by Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service on Sunday. The students were freed after Kurdish parliamentarians and the head of unversity intervened in the matter. The incident happened on Sunday when a group of 17 Kurdish students tried to […]

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