Baghdad Shuts Most Internet Companies in Disputed Areas

Kirkuk- KirkukNow National Security Service (NSS) shut down some Internet service companies maintaining the custody of their technical equipment and transmission devices in Kirkuk and disputed areas by an order from the Iraqi Communication and Media Commission (CMC). Services of some Internet providers intermittingly stopped since mid January, but 5 Internet companies have stopped officially […]

Infographic: 23% of Current MPs cannot Stand as Candidates for 2018 Elections

KirkukNow After the parliament’s voting on the First Amendments of the Elections Laws, where one of its articles states that MP candidates should have BA certificate or its equivalent to stand for the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 12, 2018. According to the new law, 23% of current MPs cannot run for 2018 elections because […]

Kirkuk Governor: Kirkuk Operational Command Withdrawal was a Mistake

Omer Jawad Kirkuk governor described Operational Command withdrawal from the province as “wrong” and not co-ordinated with the province administration assuring that redeployment of the forces led to security breaches. Deputy governor, Rakan Said, blamed Commander-in-Chief (Heider al-Abadi) and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence for the security breaches in Hawija sub-district areas after the withdrawal […]

Federal Police Takes Over Kirkuk as Iraqi Forces Withdraw

Kirkuk- KirkukNow Advancing Iraqi Forces withdrew from Kirkuk city handing its security to “the Federal Police” according to 3 sourcs who provided this information to KirkukNow. While the Kurds are asking the Asaish and Peshmerga of Kurdistan Region to manage the city security. Azad Jabari, Security Committee head in Kirkuk Provisional Council, said to KirkukNow: […]

Close Up: 18 ISIS Fighters Killed in Al-Zab

Yassin al-Sabaawi News of ISIS fighters’ presence was delivered to Al-Zarariya village close to their farms in Al-Zab sub-district (76km northwest Kirkuk province). Farmers reported the fighters’ whereabouts to security forces consequently leading to discover a secret cave used by the fighters planning to target the village. Reports from villagers coming on Monday January 22, […]

Iraqi President Approves Elections Law Amendment

KirkukNow   In a statement, Iraq presidency’s media office announced the president, Fuad Masum, ratified the first amendment of Iraqi parliamentary Election Law no. 45 of 2013 on Wednesday January 14, 2018. The statement added: “this law that parliament voted on earlier, that is based on the constitution item (1) of article (61) and item […]

All-Kurd Personnel Police Station Opens in Tuz Khurmatu

Zhino Khalil- Sallahuddin an all-Kurd personnel police station to open in a neighborhood in central Tuz Khurmatu in efforts to grant all IDPs return to their home as was informed by People’s Council of the sub-district. Asso Salih, the council spokesperson, declared to KirkukNow that in Komar neighborhood, which is mostly inhabited by Kurds, opened […]

Financial Scarcity Closes Sinjar Nursing School

Muhanad al-Sinjari Headmaster of Sinjar’s Girls Nursing School said that the building that is temporarily used for the school closed by the property owner after the school failed in paying its financial dues to him. Nadhim Khalil, the school headmaster, told KirkukNow: “the building owner closed it and prevented the girls from going to the […]

Tuz Khurmatu People’s Council: 25% of IDPs Returned

Laila Ahmed: Salahuddin People’s Council in Tuz Khurmatu sub-district announced that 25% of its IDPs have returned to their homes after they were displaces as clashes between Iraqi Forces and Peshmerga Forces broke off few months ago. The sub-district IDPs formed the council to work for their return. Through KirkukNow they announce that IDPs return […]

Federal Police Hands West Mosul to Brigade 20

Soran Mohammed Federal Police officially handed West Mosul’s security to brigade 20- Iraqi Army on Wednesday January 17, 2018 after withdrawing from Kirkuk province. Brigade 5- Federal Police- controlled west part of Mosul city (right side) after April 2017. As a sequence of some changes, Iraqi Army took their places. Major general Sherzad Aziz Kafroshi, […]

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