Erbil- Kirkuk Bridge Repairs Requires 700 Million IQDs.

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk Conflicts between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) suspended transportations between Erbil- Kirkuk roads, and according to the estimates of the Directorate of Roads and Bridges in Kirkuk, fixing the main damaged bridge will cost 700 million Iraqi dinars. Pirde Bridge in Alton Kopri sub-district was bombed and partially damaged two […]

Hundreds of Families Return Back to Hawija
Kirkuk Governor to Kirkuk Now: The Process is Voluntarily

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk More than 500 internally displaced families were sent back to their places willingly from Kirkuk Camps in Hawija district, and according to Kirkuk Governorate the process was not under any pressure. In the frame of another IDP returning step for Hawija district, from Nazrawa and Lailan camps 502 families were sent back […]

Disagreements Increased Her Painting’s Price

The Paintings of Two Fine Arts Students are being Prohibited Narin Rostam The paintings of two female students in university were removed after being threatened by ruining them by a few teachers and students in Garmian University, the incident led to controversy in the Social Medias, but on the contrary to the negative desires; the […]

General Security: We Prepare to Re-open Erbil – Kirkuk Road

Kirkuk Now The General Security Directorate (Asaiyish) of Erbil is close to the end of its readiness to reopen the main link road between Erbil – Kirkuk, according to an informed source that spoke to (Kirkuk Now). The main road between Kirkuk and Erbil has been closed with a number of main roads between the […]

49 Candidates Compete to Secure Single Quota Seat of Ezidis in Nineveh

Muhannad al-Sanjari- Nineveh Three Lists compete for a single quota seat. The Ezidi lists announced the names of their candidates after conflicts and disagreements on the seat of the Ezidi quota. After months of negotiations and meetings, the Ezidi lists failed to unite their electoral interlocutor within a united Ezidi list, as was expected by […]

Kirkuk Governor Denies any Threat on Kirkuk

Kirkuk Now The governor of Kirkuk denied presence of any threat on Kirkuk, adding that the withdrawal of the federal police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi is groundless; this comes after that a number of media foundations published news on the withdrawal of the Iraqi forces in the outskirts of the province. “We have made phone calls […]

Opening Dozens of Literacy Centers in Hawija

Kirkuk- Kirkuk Now Dozens of literacy centers have been opened for thousands of illiterate people in the region of Hawija, south of Kirkuk, in order to lift the literacy incident according to the Iraqi Ministry of Education’s decision. This step by the Central Government comes along with the process of the IDPs return and restoring […]

Tuz Khurmatu: Kurdish Studies are at Risk of Vanishing

Layla Ahmed- Salahaddin Kurdish studies did not start in Tuz Khurmatu yet, and the destiny of thousands of students is still unclear because 800 Kurdish teachers have been internally displaced and also the students have transportation problems. After Oct.16.2017, thousands of Tuz Khurmatu Kurdish families have been internally displaced, because of the conflicts and the […]

Women make up 100% of the Candidates in a Political Party

Kurdistan Communist Party’s candidates are all consisted of women, and that according to the party’s leadership is to end both “Killing women” and law approvals according to Islam legitimacy. Last week, the above mentioned party presented a list of five candidates to the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) in Sulaimanyah to participate in […]

Between Navin and Mona a Yezidi Child Awaits for Her True Identity

Muhannad Shingali- Nineveh “Years cannot mislead a mother’s heart” this is quoted from a Yezidi woman who was separated from her daughter four years ago, and she claims that she could recognize her child from the first sight after seeing the child’s picture on Facebook. A photo of a five year old girl was published […]

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