Election race and ISIS unable to unify Christians
Dozens of parties and candidates fight over five seats

Nineveh, KirkukNow. Scores of Iraqi Christian political factions and figures compete to win five parliamentary quota seats; this divided political landscape among the Christians, similar to the rest of the country’s ethnic and sectarian components, is the result of the absence of consensus required for the formation of an electoral alliance ahead of the national […]

Not mere voters anymore
Women lead electoral alliances

Ara Ibrahim – Sulaymaniyah Against the odds, the Islamic Union of Kurdistan has recently decided to organize a survey seeking the opinion of its members to choose the member who will lead the party’s list  in Kirkuk province for the upcoming elections on May 12; and as a result a woman came first who is […]

Shia Contest for the next Iraqi Premiership

Yasin Taha The Iraqi elections, scheduled for May 2018, are characterized by a fractured political landscape due to the unprecedented fragmentation of all Iraqi components, unlike previous elections which were campaigned for by solid unified sectarian and national electoral coalitions and alliances. Despite the immense rivalry in the lead –up to the polls contested by […]

Three deaths and eleven injured within Hashed
An ongoing military operation in Tuz Khurmatu

Lila Ahmed-Saladin In purpose of eliminating Islamic state fighters in the region, Hashed started an operation near Tuz Khurmatu in Saladin province, and due to one of ISIS Jihadist’s suicidal explosion three of Hashed fighters were killed, and eleven more got injured during the fighting. The operation  started on March 31 in Sleman Beg and […]

Newly designated Chief Executive of Kirkuk Police to (Kirkuknow): We protect the people regardless of ethnic and sectarian differences

Soran Mohammad-Kirkuk Brigadier general Ali Kamal, New Chief Commander of Kirkuk Police promised to secure the city and work regardless of the ethnic and sectarian differences. He exposed that Former Chief Commander of Kirkuk Police, Brigadier general Khatab Omer is at leave of absence, and he is not fired. The statements of mentioned Chief Commander […]

Ezidis want to surpass quota system

Muhannad Sinjary Four Ezidi (Yezidi) election lists and several other parties have jointed the race for securing the votes of this component in the Nineveh province with more than 50 candidates. The majority of those competing political factions are unsatisfied with the quota system which has provided only one seat for the Ezidies in the […]

“My Video Shows the Woman Power and There Is Threat on My Life”
The lady who faced Erbil’s security forces, said

Narin Rostam-Erbil By the time when two armed men stood by the protesters and threatened governmental employees who were demonstrating in Erbil, doctor Shayan Kaka Salih (aged 37), was recording the incident with her cellphone and asked the men to stop threatening  them and join their cause, but she faced insulting and attack by the […]

IHEC Is Concerned about Getting Votes Illegally

Kirkuk Now The independent high electoral commission of Iraq (IHEC) warned about getting votes illegally through trading off and buying civilians’ votes for the coming election of Council of Representatives of Iraq, and the Commission threatened to punish those who intend to commit such act. The warning of the commission came after some of reports […]

Everyone follows their heart
Parties’ electoral lists overtake ethnic interests

Kirkuk_KirkukNow The three main components in Kirkuk have been unable to form a unified coalition for their constituents to run for the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections due to their internal party struggles. Despite the danger of losing their ballots in their constituencies, the Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen enter the election race with more than 20 […]

Kirkuk: Unregistered Houses will not be Pulled Down

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk In the last two months, there has been controversy about 60 thousand houses in Kirkuk that have no property deeds. However, the municipality did not issue a demolishing decision, but there are ongoing discussions about granting them property title. Meanwhile, Kirkuk Administration prevents building any house with no real estate permission, especially […]

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