Turkmen abductees are forgotten
Hundreds of women are still missing

Ninewa, August 2017, welcoming 1,500 IDPs of Talaafar. Photo: Ministry of Migration

Jaafar Talaafari – Ninewa Iman, a Turkmen girl, barely escaped the Islamic State (ISIS). Her family could arrange a deal where she moved to Syria and later Turkey, with a massive amount of money in exchange. She was with around one thousand other abductees who used to reside in Talaafar, half of them women. ISIS […]

Erbil and Baghdad reached agreement to reopen Kirkuk-Erbil road

Prde, November 2017, The town following the raid of the federal government. Photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow The federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government has reached an agreement to reopen Kirkuk-Erbil road for traffic, according to a statement of acting Kirkuk governor. The delegations from Erbil and Baghdad reached an initial agreement last week and met on 29 July for the same purpose where they decided to resume traffic on […]

Transmission tower blown up in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, 11 November 2017, restarting operation in a power production plant in the province. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow Another transmission tower in Kirkuk was blown up, cutting electricity to some villages in the area, the fifth attack on power towers in the province only in July 2018. The explosion was in Hawija district early at 01:00 AM Baghdad time, where some armed men, reportedly the Islamic State militants, exploded […]

Sulaimaniyah security refuses to return journalists seized equipment

Security forces detained seven journalists during the coverage of a weapon depot fire on 4 July 2018, later released them

Hardi Abdulla The security forces of Sulaimaniyah seized all the flash memory and USB cards used to cover a fire incident in a weapon depot on 4 July, and they refuse to return them. The journalists, after a short detention, where released. The fire started on 4 July 2018 in Tasluja, Sulaimaniyah. When journalists arrived […]

Profile: Change Movement undergoes internal change

Sulaimaniyah, May 2018, Change Movement campaign for parliamentary election of Iraq. Photo: Sbeiy website

KirkukNow Change movement, locally known as Gorran, was founded in April 2009 to “change the government and its system” while the movement undergoes internal change currently. Change Foundation On 11 April 2009, the first leader of Change and former deputy leader of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Nawshirwan Mustafa told Sharq al-Awsat paper, “I’ll lead […]

Negotiations to re-open Erbil-Kirkuk road ongoing

Kirkuk, Pirde bridge on the road of Kirkuk-Erbil is damaged because of war. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Soran Muhammad Erbil and Baghdad have been discussing the reopening of Erbil-Kirkuk road without reaching a final agreement. The most recent discussion was on Tuesday 24 July, where a security and administrative delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) visited Kirkuk to discuss the matter with a delegation from the federal government. Installing a portable […]

Who protects Khanaqin?
Six forces deployed in town while residents flee

Diyala 2018, Six different troops are deployed to protect Khanaqin and its environs. Photo: Hawre Azad

Hawre Azad – Diyala While six forces have been deployed in this northeastern town of Diyala, the residents flee the dire security situation. Despite security operation, several breaches have been recorded in Khanaqin district and its environs. KirkukNow learnt that six bomb explosions have happened in the last two months, with 12 casualties. Most of […]

Sulaimaniyah security hindered journalism event

Sulaimaniyah, 21 July 2018, the 10th event of Soran Mama Hama prize for Freedom of Journalism. Photo: Hevi Khalid

KirkukNow The security forces of Sulaimaniyah, called Asaiysh did not allow the event of the 10th event of Soran Mama Hama prize for Freedom of Journalism to take place in its original location in Mam u Zin hall, asked people to leave the street, and attacked a cameraman. The annual event, where some journalists are […]

KirkukNow’s managing editor wins Freedom of Journalism prize

Sulaimaniyah, 21 July 2018, Shorsh Khalid, chief editor at KirkukNow, receives the annual Martyr of Pen Soran Mama Hama Award for Freedom of Journalism

KirkukNow The managing editor of KirkukNow Shorsh Khalid received this year’s the Pen Martyr Soran Mama Hama prize for Freedom of Journalism, as one of the three winners handpicked for the award by an independent committee. The event took place on 21 July in Sulaimaniyah, marking the 10th year of the assassination of Soran Mama […]

You can’t drink in Tikrit anymore

Salahadin, June 2018, Only months after opening his liquor shop, Ashur's father is obliged to close it down. Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salhi – Salahadin “Haram or bad for my health, it’s me and my body, not yours to decide,” Qaduri was responding to Tikrit authorities. The concerns of Mustafa Qaduri is that he cannot find liquor in his city anymore, as the city’s administration prohibited its sale. The decision to do so was signed by […]

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