Duz Khurmatu: House to house search for unlicensed weapons launched

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin   Security forces in Duz Khurmatu, Salahaddin province are conducting a wide-scale search operation to confiscate unlicensed weapons and explosives. The operation carried out by a joint team from the Police and army forces, started Tuesday September 18, in the Hay al-Askari district. “We have confiscated a number of unlicensed weapons and […]

Customs checkpoints due to be installed between Kirkuk and Kurdistan Region

Omer Jawad- Kirkuk   An official source from the Kirkuk administration told (Kirkuk Now) that two customs checkpoints are due to be installed on key roads connecting  the multi-ethnic disputed city of Kirkuk with the Kurdistan Region. The source reaffirmed that the checkpoints will embark on its duties starting from Saturday, September 22, noting that […]

Duhok: Coexistence resembled in a joint theatrical activity

Ammar Aziz- Duhok   Youngsters of Iraq’s different ethnic and religious communities put on a theatrical activity resembling coexistence and peace among the displaced families still living in camps. The play which was presented on Wednesday, September 19, was part of a range of activities held within a festival organized for the diverse components living […]

A Kurd from Kirkuk nominates himself for Iraqi presidency

Kirkuk Now   Omer Barzinji, Iraq’s current ambassador to the Vatican has nominated himself as an independent candidate for the post of presidency. Barzinji, who is a Kurd born in Kirkuk in 1960 filed his candidacy request to the Iraqi parliament on Teusday, September 18. “Presidency for me is not an aim; it is a […]

Tens of Thousands of Iraqis face displacement again

Kirkuk Now   The United Nation’s humanitarian agency warned that tens of thousands of vulnerable Iraqis are leaving their towns and seek shelter in IDPs camps most of them were displaced at least once before. In a new report, UNHCR says that “Thousands of vulnerable people arrive in UNHCR-managed camps every month because they cannot […]

Electricity supply witnesses improvement in Khanaqin

Hawre Azad- Diyala   Electricity supply in Diyala’s disputed territory of Khanaqin and its surrounding areas has witnessed a noticeable increase reaching 20 hours per day, marking a huge improvement in this basic service compared with the few hours provided throughout the summer. The improvement is attributed to the resumption of electricity supply from Iran […]

Five casualties in attack on a Khanaqin village

Hawre Azad- Diyala   Five people, including 3 women and a child were injured after unknown gunmen believed to be ISIS terrorists attacked Qaya village near the town of Khanaqin, Diyala province late on Monday September 17th. A source from told (Kirkuk Now) that the gunmen were “confronted by villagers who prevented them from entering […]

Helping Ezidis find their way back to life

Ammar Aziz- Kirkuk Now   Hundreds of Ezidi women and girls, who had been through psychological and physical trauma under ISIS terrorist group, are being helped to return to normal life. In Qadia Camp, which is situated in the province of Duhok, a new center has been opened to provide psychological treatment for Ezidi women […]

Kirkuk Farmers Threaten to Go on Strike

Ibrahim Ali- Kirkuk   Farmers in Kirkuk, threaten to go on strike to protest the delay of the payments which the Iraqi government should have provided them in return for their crops harvest. The farmers gave the government silos 10 days to allocate the payments which they have not received for 4 consecutive years.   […]

Have the Peshmarga Forces returned to Khanaqin?

Hawre Azad- Diyala   A high ranking source from the Kurdish Peshmarga forces declared that they have alleged returned to the disputed territory of Khanaqin. The claims were immediately refuted the town’s local police which asked residents not to believe such “propagandas”.   The controversy over the return of Peshmargas to Khanaqin which they left […]

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