A Cameraman is Killed in Diyala

June 16, 2014 at 5:30 pm


Risks of Journalism in Kirkuk

According to a source from the police ofDiyala Province, a cameraman for Alahad channel was killed and a reporter was badly injured in Diyala’s city center.

The source toldAlmadaBris, “On Sunday the 15th, anonymous gunmen driving a new car shot Alahad’s channel staff with machine guns in Khalis District in northern Diyala. This caused the death of the cameraman Khalid Ali Hamada and severely injured the reporter MutazAllami.”

On the other hand, according to another security source in Salah Aldin Province, ISIS members blew up the reporter’s brother house in Beji District. The reporter confirmed that the family had left the house after receiving many threats from the terrorists.

Ali Alhamdani, the channel’s reporter, toldAlmadaBris, “My brother’s house was robbed and blown up by ISIS gunmen who control Beji District.”

He pointed out that his brother left his house two days before it was blown up.

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