Photo story: Kiln Craft Industry

January 30, 2017 at 7:46 pm

Kiln craft industry has been practiced in Kirkuk since ancient times. Technology didn’t have a significant impact on this mud kiln industry.
The material for making mud kilns are red soil which exists in some places in the city of Kirkuk and it is mixed up with hay and salt. Not only the bakeries have desire for this kind of kiln, the people have desire too and this is because of the taste and the texture of the bread produced.
There are many families even today live on the kiln industry in Mussalla neighborhood in Kirkuk. The price of the mud kilns ranges between 25 IQD (21 USD) to 140 IQD (118 USD) and different prices depend on the size and the quality of the kilns.
Creating a single mud kiln needs seven days to dry and tone up, so family members work on several kilns per day.
The salt and the hay help the stability of the composition of the kilns.



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