Photo and Video: Bishop Daud Matran

February 12, 2017 at 8:52 pm

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf, Archbishop of Mosul of the Syriac Orthodox Church could not hold his tears when he saw the destruction of his church by ISIS.

St. Ephrem church was built in 1988 and known as Mosul’s greatest church. After two and a have years, it is finally retaking from ISIS.

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf could not hold his tears for the second time when he returned to his church and saw the destruction of ISIS.

When Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf returned to his church after it had been under the control of ISIS in Mosul, he was overwhelmed by the destruction that ISIS have done to the church. ISIS used the church for military activities.

He firstly cried the day ISIS forced him to leave Mosul in early June 2014.

Christians of Mosul have been given three choices: conversion; payment of jizya or special tax by non-Muslims; or expulsion.

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf cried soberly in front of the international media and press. He said that it was the first time in 1500 years that Mosul was empty from the Christians and the church bells had stopped ringing.





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