Munifa Reunion with her Daughter

March 3, 2017 at 12:41 am

Munfia and her 3 years old daughter Zina. Photo: KirkukNow

Munifa embraced her daughter, and kissed her from time to time like she was not expecting seeing her again.

Zina was 7 months old when the ISIS militants took control over Mosul. She was separated from her mother. She is now 3 years old, but she does not recognize her mother.

After the emergence of ISIS in mid-2014 in Mosul, Munifa Zahwi and her husband stuck in the city and could not escape. Their seven months old daughter was able to escape with some of their relatives and reach Tazade camp in Garmian.

In these two years, Munifa and her husband lived in Mosul and their children lived in the Kurdistan region. They did not have any connection between them. In mid-February, Munifa was able to find her daughter in Tazade camp in Garmian, and the separation between them ended.

Munifa Zahwi, who was holding her daughter in Tazade camp, told KirkukNow, “Zina still does not know I’m her mother because she was too small when war separated us.”

Zina has been with her older sister since she was 7 months old. Photo: KirkukNow

Their family reunion was different because Zina was not able to recognize her mother. Munifa said, “When the clashes intensified, I was separated from my children. Zina was seven months old, and her older sister looked after her when they fled to Kurdistan region.”

Munifa talked about how sad she was in the past two years, because they did not know what to do and she did not know where her children live because of the absence of any contact between them.

In the establishment of the third wave of the Mosul operation, Munifa was able to escape from Mosul and flee to the save areas like many other.

Last week, Munifa reached Tazade camp, and was able to reunion with her daughter after 3 years.

30-year-old Huda Ramazan is Zina’s older sister, and she is married and has a child. She has raised Zina and her son together.

“My son calls me mom, and Zina learned from him and she also called me mom too,” Huda said.

Before the arrival of their mother to the camp, “I have talked to Zina and told her that I was her older sister and not her mother. Our mother will come soon.”

February 2017. Kirkuk. The arrival of three children of Hawija to Kirkuk without their parents. Photo: KirkukNow

Dozens of people have displaced due to the war and conflicts in Mosul.

It has been a week since Munifa and her childeren have reunited, and Zina is getting closer to her mother.

Munifa and her family are finally getting together, and they are waiting for the operation of Mosul to end so that they can return back to their places.











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