Houses in Nineveh Left Partially Damaged

March 6, 2017 at 4:53 pm

Bishop Daud Matran Sharaf,archbishop of Mosul of the Syriac Orthodox Church. Photo: Bahnam Shaba


64% of the Christian houses in Nineveh have been partially damaged, and some of the houses have been completely destroyed because of the destruction caused by Islamic State (ISIS) in the province.
Earlier this week, at the Babylon Media agency on  Ainkawa Road in Erbil, some of the documentation and reconstruction committees of the churches have announced the size of the damage and destruction caused by Islamic State (ISIS) in the province.
The committees have documented the damage in Bagjdida (Qaraqush), Bartella, Bashir, Bahzani, and Nineveh rural areas, and they have made an estimate of the costs required for the reconstruction process.
According to the committees, up to 54.000 people lived in 9.500 houses in those four areas before they become displaced.
Now, after the city has been retaken, the final outcome of the document shows that 3% of the houses have been completely destroyed, 32% of the houses have been incinerated, while 64% of the houses received  partial damage.
During the control of the Islamic State (ISIS), some of the houses and the holy places have faced destruction and incineration. During the operation of retaking the areas, the houses and the holy places have also faced serious damage.
At  the press conference, the representative of the Christian community urged Iraqi and Kurdistan Region governments to help with the reconstruction of their areas, otherwise the people will be displaced and they will leave the areas.
Islamic State (ISIS) took control of Mosul and the areas around it in 2014; they offered the Christians of Mosul and the rural areas in Nineveh with the option of: altering religion, paying money for their lives, or death but they instead chose migration to the Kurdistan region as their fourth option.



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