The Iraqi Forces change tactic in Mosul to protect civilians.

April 12, 2017 at 9:06 pm

Iraqi forces bombing ISIS in the West of Mosul. March 2017. Photo: Federal Police.

The Iraqi Forces will deploy new tactic in the fight against ISIS in Mosul to protect civilians, a Nineveh Provincial Council member said. The new tactic will include alley-to-alley clashes using light and medium weapons.

Omer Alias Ali told Kirkuknow that “the Iraqi army has been successful in breaking the human shields used by ISIS and has been advancing from the right coast of Mosul, however this came after a change of tactic in the city”

The change of tactic happened after the Mosul Council members warned against using heavy weapons artillery in the right coast operation. Earlier last month several civilians were killed likely due to an airstrike in the city.

Ali added that “in a meeting with the Iraqi military commanders we talked about the protection of the lives of civilians in the right coast of the city, particularly in the old districts and narrow alleys. We mentioned that using heavy weapons will kill many civilians as the ISIS is using the civilians as human shields”

After the meeting, the military commanders have assured the Nineveh Provincial Council of altering the tactic in the fight against ISIS.

“Now they use light and medium weapons” Ali added. “They also told us the change of tactic has previously been successful and that in a matter of days they will finish ISIS in Mosul”

The third phase of the Mosul Operations started on March 19 to control the Right Coast of the city, the Iraqi Forces have so far controlled several district and alleys and the fight is still ongoing.


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