Hundreds of Hawija Families Not Allowed Entering Kirkuk

April 16, 2017 at 4:44 pm

23-03-2017. Tens of families from Hawija arrive at Maktab Khalid checkpoint. Photo: Kirkuknow

“Three children have died from starvation”


Hundreds of escaping families from ISIS are not allowed to enter Kirkuk and they have been caught between the trenches of Peshmerga forces and ISIS militants leaving their lives in danger .Meanwhile according to a source “ three children have died of starvation” .

Sheikh Naief Marzuq Al-Nuaemy a commander in the Peoples Mobilising Forces known as Alhashd Alshaeby told Kirkuk Now “for more than ten days nearly 600 t0 700 citizens of Hawijah and its outskirts have fled from ISIS fighters and crossed several villages so as to reach to secured areas of Kirkuk, but by a decision from Kirkuk administrative authority they are not allowed to enter Kirkuk.”

Sheikh Naief who is also the tribal chief leader of the Nuaemy tribe says that his relatives are amongst those displaced citizens.

According to Nuaemy’s information roughly half of the figures mentioned are children and part of them are elderly people who all ” have faced hunger and because of not having food supply three kids have died”

Kirkuk, Daquq county, August 2015. A family fleeing from ISIS waiting for basic services. Photo: Kirkuknow

Kirkuk Now has learned that some of the organisations were able to deliver food and other necessary non-food items to the people but that is not enough.

Meanwhile at the western part of Kirkuk and the borders of Dubz district, some other families are prevented by the Peshmerga forces to go inside Kirkuk . Likewise in Daquq district which is located south of Kirkuk a number of displaced people have been hurdled from entering to the city”

A close source to the humanitarian organisations, which are operating for helping the internally displaced peoples (IDPs), on the condition of anonymity confirmed to Kirkuk Now that the incident has actually happened and he reiterated that “they were not allowed by the decision of Kirkuk’s administration”

“By the decision of Kirkuk’s administration permission is not given to the influx of Hawijah’s displaced people ”

Azad Jabbary, head of security committee at Kirkuk’s provincial council told Kirkuk Now “according to the available information with us more than 400 persons have been prevented. I will talk to the governor of Kirkuk and we will try for facilitate a permission for them to enter Kirkuk”

Those displaced people have crossed tens of villages until they have left the territories under ISIS’s control and there lives at the moment are in grave danger.

The only way for their escape is Hamreen Mountain where they are allowed by PMFs to cross to the safe areas.

Sheikh Naeif Al-Nuaemy appeals to both the Iraqi and Kurdistan Region’s governments for helping those IDPs and stressing that ” their lives are in danger”.



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