A Four-Year-Old Child Died in a Kirkuk Hospital

April 19, 2017 at 2:06 am

Four Year Old Mohammed Hemin.

A four-year-old boy died in the Kirkuk’s public hospital where he was taken for treatment of breathing difficulty. His family says they will sue the hospital for the death of their child.

Mohammed Hemin was taken to hospital around 9:20pm on April 15, however he died a couple hours later at the hospital.

Wirya Abdulla, who is Hemin’s uncle, told Kirkuknow that “My nephew was having a breathing difficulty, we took him to the Kirkuk’s public hospital. Upon few checks the doctors at the emergency section told us that he has blood cell disorders. Then they asked us to buy him an injection outside the hospital.”

“We bought the injection in a pharmacy just outside the hospital, the doctors mixed it with salline and gave it to him. Soon after that, they told us my nephew is dead. We saw foam coming out from his nose and mouth” Abdulla continued.

Hemin’s body is at the Department of Forensic Sciences for a determination on his cause of death.

The child’s uncle says they have already filed complaint against the hospital. He says “Mohammed walked on his feet to the hospital and came out dead.”

Kirkuknow has learnt that a team is formed by Kirkuk’s Health Department to investigate, however no officials were ready to talk on the matter.

Jwan Hassan the head of children affairs and human rights in the Kirkuk’s Council told Kirkuknow that “we monitor the progress of the team, they will talk to the doctors and the child’s family. We don’t know whether the injection was inappropriate for the kid or was the mistake on hospital’s side”

She added they are waiting for the results and they will not let the incident go without punishment for those responsible.

Similar incidents had previously occurred in Kirkuk which forced the Iraq’s Ministry of Health to form a committee in March this year to investigate the death of two girls at the Azadi hospital in Kirkuk. The committee was formed after the families sued the hospital.

One of the previous cases was the death of Helen Chenar. Helen was a fourteen-year-old girl, who was unconscious for three days and then died in Azadi hospital following a surgery.





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