Father Beats Child in Kirkuk

April 19, 2017 at 7:52 am

His wounds are clearly visible. Photo: Local police.

A child was beaten by a cable by his father and brother after returning late from playing football. His mother took him to hospital for treatment of his wounds. The hospital staff contacted the local police when they saw the boy, and requested his father’s presence in order to give him treatment.

Colonel Sherzad Marif from local police said once the father came in to the hospital, he was detained by police and sent to Adala Police Station. However, he did not release the names and details of the family to keep their privacy protected.

Colonel Marif also mentioned that violence against children has increased in Kirkuk. He asked the child and human rights organizations to play their role in raising awareness.

The father is detained on charges of domestic violence. Photo: local police.

Last year several incidents of violence against children and youth were recorded, in some cases the victims of the violence.


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