The Victims of Escape

April 25, 2017 at 8:15 am

Abdullah crying over his grand-daughter body. Photo: IOM

The story of civilians fleeing ISIS

Sirwan Hussein

He was crying on an empty bag while uttering some unclear words. Abdullah then unzipped the body bag on a hospital’s wheeled trolley to put his daughter’s dead body. Sara, Abdullah’s 5-year old daughter, was stretched as if she was in a deep sleep. Her eyes were shut, but her mouth was a little open as though she wanted to breathe.

Her lovely face not wounded at all, her darkened hair tied, and she was dressed in a t-shirt studded with flowers and the word “Love” printed on it.

Abdullah rushed Sara to IOM’s hospital in Hama-Aleel at the end of March this year. While Fleeing Mosul, Sara shot by an ISIS’s sniper in Jadid neighborhood.

Abdullah, his wife and seven other family members, including two blind women, were escaping from Mosul when they were targeted by ISIS snipers.

“We froze on the spot when they started shooting at us, the two blind women fell to the ground in fear, we managed to pull them and get into a building,” Salah said, who is Abdulla’s nephew and was with him at the hospital.

Two other snipers started shooting at the civilians. Abdullah held Sara who was trembling. “I put her in my arms and wanted to protect her” he sobbed.

But the sniper was too fast. Two bullets were fired, one entering Sara’s tiny body from the back and exiting from her chest. Another bullet hit Abdullah in the abdomen.

Abdulla and his nephew together with Sara were put in a car and driven to Hamam-Aleel hospital in the south of Kirkuk. The surgeon at the hospital says “Sara was already dead by the time she arrived at the hospital”.

Sara’s mother rushed to hospital on the same day, little did she know that her 5-year old daughter is already dead.

“I could not tell her over the phone” Abdullah said as he sobbed constantly.

“We should have been celebrating the liberation of our area from ISIS but now we are mourning the death of Sara. Her life started with ISIS and was ended by them”

People move the dead bodies in Mosul. Photo: Reuters

One the other side of the room there was a seven-year-old boy whose left foot had been amputated. Ali was in need of close care after the surgery. He was screaming of pain but her mother and aunt were just silent. They said Ali still does not know his foot has been amputated.

More than 600,000 civilians are left in the right-coast of Mosul where the offensive has been going on for two months. They are used as human-shield by ISIS and are not allowed to leave. Dozens of civilians get killed on daily bases when trying to flee ISIS.



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