Police in Kirkuk Insult a Number of Individuals

May 4, 2017 at 8:05 am

Kirkuk Police cut off the hair of the offenders. Photo: SWAT Page on Facebook

Kirkuk Police cut off hair of some individuals allegedly charged with consuming alcohol. The photos have gone viral and some believe it is an act of humiliation while the police says it is a punishment for their violators.

Colonel Afrasyaw Kamil, the spokesperson for Kirkuk Police, confirmed the occurrence of the act and said it is a kind of punishment practiced by the police. “They curl their hair, consume alcohol and stand on the main roads between Silemani and Hawler. Sometimes they shoot in the air and cause big concerns in the city” Colonel Afrasyaw stated.

“After the decision for this sort of punishment has been made by Kirkuk province, we started a campaign to cut the hair off those consuming alcohol in public and creating unrest in the city”. He stated.

The photos have gone viral on social media. Photo: SWAT page on Facebook.

Kirkuknow attempted to talk to one of the punished youths but none of them were available. Some of the youths in Kirkuk believe drinking alcohol is a personal right. They complain the lack of night clubs or a park is the reason behind drinking in public.

Shaho Abdulqadir who is a Kirkuk resident, believes the punishment is an act of insult and a human right violation. He asked the police to treat those offenders according to law.

“I followed up on the matter with the Police department in Kirkuk, they said they will not continue the practice anymore. However, they said they will arrest anyone drinking on the streets” Jwan Hasan, the head of human rights committee in Kirkuk Provincial Council, told Kirkuknow.


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