Peshmerga repel Islamic State attack in Duz Khormato

June 14, 2017 at 3:08 pm

Iraq -- A view of ISIS controlled territory in Albu Muhamad village in Daquq. (photograph: Metrography 20/07/14 )

Peshmerga forces and Popular Mobolisation Units repel two coordinated attacks by Islamic State militants in south of Kirkuk. The attack started at 11pm last night when peshmerga positions near Zarga, west of Duz Khormato, came under attack and the fighting lasted for a few hours.

An official peshmerga source said the peshmerga from 5th Brigade managed to repel the attack and inflicted heavy casualties on the Isis militants. In the clashes two peshmerga died and six were wounded.

Immediately after the attack on peshmerga positions, the Isis militants attacked the PMU in the same area near Duz Khormato but the attack was also repelled.

Last month (May 18) Isis militants attacked the peshmerga positions in Zarga area from five directions and a battle ensued for three hours. Isis still carries out attacks in Salahaddin and Kirkuk and that is because they still have a presence in Hawijah and the surrounding areas.

Isis militants launched yet another attack on Iraqi security forces near the Nineveh Governorate building in West Mosul with five Suicide car bombs and fought the Iraqi forces. At the same time a group of militants managed to sneak into  Dandan neighbourhood under Iraqi security forces control and killed some civilians

The Isis attack on federal police occurred in the neighbourhood of Dawasa which is located in south of Mosul. A security source in Nineveh said the Iraqi forces managed to repel the attack.


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