Islamic State increases attacks on Peshmerga

July 5, 2017 at 11:14 pm

Peshmerga forces in Kharabaroot in west of Kirkuk (Kirkuknow, 2015)

Soran Mohammad

The militants of the Islamic State (Isis) have increased their activities using sniper fire to target peshmerga fighters while peshmerga commanders say the reason for the attacks comes down to the fact that Isis can not fight a frontal war anymore and thus resorting to sniper fire.

Since the beginning of Ramadan Eid, Isis militants have attacked peshmerga forces in Tuz Khormato and Daquq using sniper fire killing a number of peshmerga and wounding others and this has been repeated several times over the last two years.

“Generally speaking, Isis militants have changed their fighting tactic and it has been sometime that they only use snipers and IEDs to inflict losses on the peshmerga,” General Mohammad Haji Abdullah the head of Daquq front in south of Kirkuk told kirkuknow. “Isis want to show off and increase its activities otherwise they have no power anymore and their annihilation is near.”

General Abdullah says Isis is weak and does not have an attack force and want to cause fear by carrying out cowardice acts. He went on to say because the area is covered with bushes and sugarcane and is hilly, Isis can hide in the area and launch surprise attack.

Isis latest attack occurred on 3rd of July when the peshmerga forces managed to repel attacks by Isis in west of Tuz Khormato.

General Rebwar Mahyaddin a commander of 116 Brigade in Tuz Khormato admits that Isis has increased its activities using snipers and says that since Isis has lost its power base in mosul, the militants launch repeated attacks to say that they are still strong in Hawijah.

Peshmerga commanders believe that since Hawijah is still under Isis control, that is why the number of attacks has increased and there are calls to launch the attack on Hawijah soon.


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