Two journalists killed near Qayyarah

July 7, 2017 at 2:54 pm

Sawdat Fares who worked for Salahaddin channel and Harb Haza who worked for Huna Salahaddin were killed by Isis militants on July 7


Karwan Salehi

Two journalists were killed this morning while covering clashes in an area between Shirqat and Qayyarah between Islamic State militants and Iraqi security forces.


Mustafa Samarayi a friend of the two journalists told Kirkuknow: “My friends were killed covering the clashes between Daesh armed men and Iraqi forces in Imam village in an area between Qayyarah and Shirqat. Sawdat Fares worked for Salahaddin channel and Harb Haza worked for Hana Salahaddin and both were killed by Daesh snipers.”


Ali Dodah the mayor of Shirqat confirmed the news and said “around 160 Daesh militants attacked two villages Jiha and Imam since two days ago and fighting still continues”


Iraqi airforce is currently bombing Isis positions around these two villages.


Isis took over these two villages two days ago and currently holding around one thousand residents hostage. Dodah said that it is possible that the militants came from Hawijah which is still under Isis control.


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