Abadi declares victory against Islamic State in Mosul

July 11, 2017 at 5:51 am

Abadi declared victory over Islamic State from inside Old City in Mosul (10 July 2017)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi declared victory over Islamic State from inside Mosul on Monday evening, three years after the militants proclaimed their Caliphate stretching parts of Iraq and Syria.

Abadi, the commander in chief of Iraqi armed forces announced the victory from the ruins of the Mosul Old city and said his responsibility was to return stability and reconstruct the region.

“From here I announce to the world that the Falsehood Caliphate has been defeated and ended, which was announced three years ago from here,” Abadi said. Abadi emphasised that the Iraqis were united in fighting Isis and gave blood to end the plots against Iraq and with Isis gone from Mosul, the country needs unity more than any other time.

Abadi said the victory over Isis was planned and executed by Iraqis and they were the ones who did the fighting on the ground. Abadi mentioned the sacrifices the Iraqis made in the fight several times and said the victory was also due to the efforts of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Abadi had announced victory over Isis on 29th of June when the Iraqi forces retook Al-Nuri Mosque which had been destroyed on the 21st of June by Isis. The latest push started on 18th of June to retake the last remaining areas under Isis control.

The war against Islamic State started on October 17 in east Mosul while the west Mosul offensive started on 19th of February this year.


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