“I secure my future through cheating”

July 12, 2017 at 10:34 am

Students taking their last exam in 2016 in Kirkuk

Dyar Talib Mohammad

Kaywan Qader bought two wireless headphones for 450,000 dinars on the day of his exam and gave one to his friend and kept another for himself. He was anxious but went towards the examiantion hall. Kaywan’s intention is to cheat and the education ministry is warning about this new phenomenon.

Kaywan managed to enter the hall without being detected and waited for his friend outside to give him the answers. The friend outside has to wait until the first student finishes the exam and exists the hall in which case the friend outside asks for the questions and then sends the answers to his friend via the wireless headphone.

“I want to secure my future and the questions are not easy that is why i cheat and paid 450,000 dinars,” said Kaywan Qader who managed to cheat on July 2 in the Kurdish exam. Some students in Kirkuk are busy using these methods to be able to receive high grade so they will be accepted into good colleges. “My father passed away and i have to work and have no time to study so i cheat to receive high grades,” says Hiwa Kirkuki a student in sixth grade.

A sample of what the students use in their sixth grade examination to cheat (Kirkuk, July 2017)

According to the guidlines from the education ministry, if students like Kaywan and Hiwa are caught they will be banned from studying for one year.

Other students who study hard are worried about this cheating phenomenon. “It is a terrible feeling, I study hard and I don’t sleep during the night to receive good grades but there are students who don’t do any work but receive the same grade as I do,” said Hawre Mohammad a female student who took part in this year sixth grade examination.

As a result of this cheating, the market for wireless headphone is buzzing with customers in Kirkuk. “Many students come to me and ask for the wireless headphones,” said one of the traders who did not want to be named. “sale is much better now than before the examination.”

Kirkuknow tried to obtain data for the number of students who cheated during the examination this year but was not successful. the education authorities say they have intensified their efforts to stop students from cheating in the examinations and one of their methods is to body search them when they enter the examination hall.


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